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115th: Sulphur Mountain

Since my cousins from Texas are here to visit, we decided to bring them to Banff. The funny thing is she knows the place more than we Albertans do! HAHA. She knows where to go, where the best places to go camping, or places which have the best sceneries. My husband didn’t come with us due to his work, but my cousin was really nice and took my photos. I was a little shy at first but after seeing all the photos she took – I was amazed. She got skills! Oh we’re so related! lol

Since it was 2000 feet high, it was really chilly up there and people were looking at me since I was wearing a dress! HAHA! It was windy and quite cold and I wasn’t wearing shorts under my dress! My bad! I also brought my leather jacket since I know it will be cold. I’m used to exposing my legs to winter days so it wasn’t really a problem for me. I just didn’t like the wind! lol

I was wearing my one shoulder lace dress, leather jacket, and brown shoes all from Zara.

I love this last shot. I have lots of photos taken by my ate (elder sister), but I’m running out of space for my blog.

Again, I want to thank you Ate Gingging for taking all these photos! I hope you stay here longer so you can take more photos of me! Hahaha! She’s so sweet and kind! She’s actually my cousin-in-law, but I don’t like having “in-law” when I feel that we’re related by heart! I’m such a drama queen! hahaha.

The following photos were taken by yours truly and my crappy camera (which is obvious from the resolution of the photos).

That’s the small town of Banff! I forgot to mention that we went to Sulphur Mountain!

This trip made me realize that I need to explore our province more since we do have lots of beautiful places!

Thank you very much for reading! ❤

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101st: Vintage

Hi guys! For today’s post, I will be  posting photos… a lot of photos, and a little bit (maybe) of talking! lol I just don’t know what to say. Well, I of course needs to do some intro here. lol

I asked Dale if we can go to Spruce Meadows for a photo shoot  (haha) even though it was raining. At first he said no, but who can resist my beautiful face?! lol This bridge is only one of the beautiful spots in Spruce Meadows. I will surely go there again especially it’s just 5 minutes drive from our house.

Well, I was hoping for a vintage look because of my beautiful perfect curls, but that didn’t happen. lol

I wanted to wear my new skirt that I got from Zara. Peplum skirts and dresses are in for Spring/Summer season so I just knew I had to get it when I saw it on the sale rack!

To emphasize my skirt, I chose to wear a black corset with a backless strap!

Here’s the beautiful bridge! Perfect for wedding pictures! Right?!

top: UO ($29); skirt: peplum skirt Zara ($39); shoes: DAS heel less (P5500)

Have you noticed any improvements on my photos?! They’re way better now compared to my first set of photos, right?! Well, I think so.

That’s it guys! I will show you soon how to get this perfect curls so watch out for it! ❤

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100th: Corset & cut out

Okay, this is the 100th post not the last one. lol I’ve never expected when I made this blog of mine that I will make it this far. I mean, that I will have readers who constantly read my complains and my dramas! lol Seriously guys, thank you very much for all the support! It’s been 6 months (exact date today) and you’re still there supporting me.

I went to Zara again today even though I just went there yesterday! Haha. I just bought a skirt. I’m too excited to wear it! . But since the reduction of the price was not that much (yet), we decided to go to H&M since it has wayyy cheaper sale. I bought a whole outfit, with top, skirt, and belt included, for just $27! I’ll show you this soon! Haha. I have a lot of new outfits to show you! I’m very excited!

Now off to my outfit of the day…

A new cut out dress from Urban Outfitters! Of course it was on sale! You know me! lol

How the back looks like. Sexy!

I just love the combination of two colors! I love he corset top added with cut-outs! Then the garter-ized effect and the belt were so chic!

I would wear my heels, but it was raining the whole afternoon so I decided to just wear my leather boots!

EDITED: I’m adding more photos since I love the dress so much!

I wanted to show the cut out at the front but I think I forgot to take a photo. Here’s the only photo that I got.

Oh my goodness! Today was a mixture of fun and very stressful day since a police officer just pulled us over. I’m not telling you why though! HAHAHAH. Maybe I’ll share it next time! HAHA.

Well, that’s it.  Enjoy your Friday night! Party hard! lol

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95th: Black and white + hotness

It’s so lovely outside! Summer’s finally here and I’m just so excited to go to lakes, well, just lakes. Calgary has man-made lakes but in order for you to enjoy in a beach you basically have to travel first. For Calgarians out there, what’s the closest beach that we can go? I think beaches around British Columbia right? Oh well, we’ll see how it goes!

Today Sikome lake opens and my friends and I are going. I have to leave in less than 10 minutes but I have to blog first. I want to show you my outfit for the day. This is one of Dale’s favorite pictures of me (that’s what he said). I’ve realized that some guys, including my husband, feel that “conservative” clothes are sexier than those daring ones. Haha.

I know it’s long-sleeves but it’s kinda sheer though, perfect for the warm weather outside!

top: H&M ($12); skirt: Zara ($49); shoes: Aldo ($49); bag: Aldo

Here’s a close-up of my pleated skirt. I bought this 2 years ago and the last time I wore it was a year ago. Why? My lovely mom decided to wash all my clothes and she included this. Well, after all the process of washing and drying, the pleats just went crazy. So just imagine how much time it took me to actually iron all these pleats?! -sigh-

This is the typical black and white outfit but I added some color to it. I also added some little bit of animal print to add some style. I would normally tuck the chain of the bag but I just let it loose to add some texture to the whole outfit photo.

Close-up of my shoes and bag

Lastly, since the outfit looks kinda formal, I added the “just-woke-up” look for my hair.

Well, that’s it. I have to leave now. I will talk to you guys later!

Love y’all ❤

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94th: Mullet + black heel less

Hello there guys! How are you all doing? I know that I have not been blogging religiously like I’m what supposed to, well that’s because I’m very busy.. not with school, but cleaning our house! I think I was too busy with nursing for the past 2 years that I haven’t done a major cleaning of our room. After 4 days, I am now finally done doing our laundry! lol I know that I just have to put it on the washing machine then the dryer, but oh man there was a lot of folding that I had to do. Sometimes I wish I’m in the Philippines where someone will do it for you. There were 10 laundry bags that I had to wash and fold and organize but I survived it! YAY!

Now for my outfit of the day…

Yes, I’m wearing a high low or a mullet skirt again. I just realized that I haven’t worn this one so time to use it!


I’ve gained weight, but I’m not going to say I’m fat. Dale was getting mad at me because I’m getting too self-conscioius on my weight.

I’m sorry guys if in any way I have offended you by saying (a lot) that I’m fat. You know what I mean.

I think it’s just I’m reading a lot of magazines, watching a lot of celebrities, and now this media influences just the way I think. I know it shouldn’t so I’m apologizing. It’s not the weight guys, it’s whether we live happy or not! I’m very happy so screw my fat percentage or my BMI.

I’ve realized that I haven’t used this pair so I’m using it now! lol

Well, that’s it guys! I hope you enjoy your weekend! I will talk to you later! More stories coming!

Now, I’m going to leave you with a picture of my beautiful face.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Sorry guys. I’m so vain! lol

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90th: Lacey pink dress

Yay, it’s Friday! We’re done with our poster presentation and I’m having my last test on Monday! I can’t wait for school to be over and just enjoy the sun outside! Anyways, our Friday “routine” changed a little bit. Now, we eat out every Friday then watch a movie since most of the new movies are release on Fridays. So today we tried going to The Keg but found no luck since they were closed (really The Keg?!) so we went to Tony Romas. I think Tony Romas is the place we eat when we can’t find something or we don’t know where to go. lol

So here’s what I was wearing during our dinner.

Urban Outfitters dress (from $79 to $15); Das shoes (Php 3500)

It was actually chilly outside so I took these photos when we went to the library to grab something. We didn’t know that they close at 6pm every Friday though. bleh!

How the back looks like.

Close up of how the back really looks like. There’s a small cut out detail at the back. 🙂

Side view.

What I really like about this dress is the lace! I’m a lacey person! I love love lace! I also love the sweetheart cut of the tube top dress. I always love that corset style of dress. And of course, you know me, I love the cutout! lol

As you may have noticed and as what I’ve said before, I LOVE DRESSES. I think they’re just so easy to wear since you’re almost ready to go! Also you can dress them up or down. In addition, I would take advantage of this spring and summer season while I can wear dresses and shorts and tank tops. I know that in winter I will be hiding under my sweat pants and sweaters. sigh.

Oh well, that’s it! This post I think is a good example of how you can be simple yet stylish at the same time. As what I always say, choose something that will look good on you whether it’s just a simple dress. With the perfect fit, you can look fabulous and stunning!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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87th: Tail shirt

Two weeks ago I went to H&M to shop for my husband. I ended up buying him too many clothes. He doesn’t like shopping so I have to buy him clothes when I go shop. Oh have I told you that I got into an accident that day? Gah! Yeah! Well, it was after my clinical and we went home early and since Dale’s graduation was coming, I decided to buy him clothes. It was traffic and I was on a stop when suddenly my whole car was shaking! I thought it was an earthquake! Then after few seconds it happened again! I looked behind my car and I saw this big Optimus Prime-like truck! It was scary and I was shaking the whole time! Gah! Okay let’s not talk about that!

Let’s talk about how that day went. The bad thing when you’re the one shopping for other people is that you don’t know if it perfectly fits the person. Well, one of the skinny pants I bought for him ended up to be too big so I had to return it. That’s my intro for this post. I went to Cross Iron to return the pants that I bought him! The main reason though why we chose Crossiron is that they have the biggest La Senza store not just in Calgary but I believe throughout Alberta. La Senza’s having their semi-annual sale so I brought my mom there so she can buy new sets of undies! lol That was a long intro. Now to my outfit….

My outfit reminds me of Power Rangers for some reasons! lol I think it’s the fitted high waisted pants that I’m wearing!

I’m wearing one of my favorite wedges that I have!

shirt: Urban Outfitter (from $59 to $19); pants: Zara (from $60 to $9); bag: H&M (fr $29 to $7)

Here’s the detail of my shirt. It’s a tail shirt – the back side’s longer than the front.

While this is the back view.

bag and shoes close up

shoes: Gold Dot.

So that’s it! I will stop talking since I wrote a pretty long intro. lol

I’ll talk to you guys later! 🙂

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85th: It reminds me of Egypt

As you may have noticed from my posts, I am a minimalist when it comes to dressing up. I would accessorize if I’m permitted, but the thing is.. I can’t. It’s a long story so let’s skip that. That’s why it’s always a pleasure when someone asks me if I can dress them up. It’s always to think of how to bring fashion to the next level. lol

For my outfit of the day, I chose to wear this sexy maxi dress that I got from Urban Outfitters. As one of my friend said, most of my  clothes are from Urban Outfitters. lol This is one of my favorite purchase though! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRESS! You can dress it up or down!

dress: UO (from $70 to 20); shoes: Steve Madden; bag: Zara; collar: Miss Satorial

I just love the slits! The thing though is my husband dislikes how high it is (but of course I love how high it is! lol)

I also love the color and the fabric! I also added a wide belt to put some shape in it.

I have also added a pink blazer. I just like how it adds more color and also emphasizes the super sexy slits! lol

To add some color to the whole outfit, I added colored shoes!

I also want to show you my makeup for that day and also the collar that I used.

Oh one more thing! I love the sleeves/collar of the dress! It is so feminine!

So what do you guys think?

I love how it all turned out. It reminds me of Egypt for some weird reason, not that I’ve been to Egypt! hahaha

Well, that’s it! Thank you guys for reading! ❤

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84th: Black and red

Hello there. So have you read my latest blog -the how to do red lips? If not yet,  then go read it first. This is a follow-up post of the previous blog. As what I’ve said from that post, I will do an outfit for that make-up look. Here it is! Just imagine it’s dark outside. It’s hard to take photos outside when it’s dark so I had to take the photos during day time.

dress: Urban Outfitters (from $100 to $20); shoes: Gold Dot (Php 3500) bag: Zara (From $99 to $19)

This is the side view. Okay. Have you noticed how cool my shoes are? I think since the wedge part is metallic/silvery thing, then it reflects (in this case) the grass making it appear like it’s heel less. Can you see that? Cool, eh?! lol

While this is how the back looks like. As you have noticed, I’ve been gaining muscles… for some it’s scary! I used to be like that! I used to dislike girls who have muscles! But now, that’s my goal! We ladies won’t get bulky, we’ll get lean! So I’m aiming for that!

Awkward position right here! Hahaha. That was a stolen shot.

Here’s a close up of my shoes and my bag! 🙂

I have lost the knobs for the locks of my shoes but I still love it! I love the design!

I bought this from the Philippines! It took me a while to wear them again because the first time I wore them I had blisters because of the plastic thing. It was too hard I thought. The next time I wore it though, it was comfortable!

Well, now you have an idea for a night look! Even just a simple dress will do since that red lipstick adds statement to the whole outfit!

That’s it! Thank you very much for reading!

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83rd: Make-up tutorial: Red lips for day and night

Okay.It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. I will just edit the draft that I have saved for the latest look that I did. This post has been on my draft folder for a while now and I think tonight is the right time to publish it since I don’t have anything to do.

So yes, this is another make-up post. I should not say “another” since I don’t even post a lot of make-up blogs. This is just my second. lol I am not good at doing make-up but I’ll still show you how I do my version.

I’ll show you how I do the “red lips look”. Red-lips is one of my favorite looks since it can go with everything. Actually, if I’m too lazy to do my eyes or my face, I just put on some red lipstick and I’m good to go! I will also show you how you can transform the red-lips day look to a night/party look. But before I start, I just want to remind you that I’M NOT GOOD AT DOING THIS! Plus, I will show you MY version! I will also not edit the photos so you will see really the colors and stuff. So let’s start now…


This is me without make-up on! Scary, I KNOW! lol I slept around 3am and woke up at 7am, so please do not hate! I am “prettier” when I get my sleep! HAHA

Just make sure that you have moisturized your face first. I used my Clinique moisturizer.

I use my Nars Sheer Glow foundation. As you can see, my foundation is two shades lighter than my face! I got tan that’s why. I should buy a new one.

Next, I’ll do my eyebrows! I will use two shades of brown eyeshadows!

I’ll use my Mac eyebrow gel on top of that

Put concealer under my dark circles

Also on my lids since I want that fresh look

To set the concealer and to give a matte finish, I used my Mac Studio Fix powder.

Apply mascara. I put some on my upper and lower lashes.

Apply bronzer.

Then the red lipstick! I’m using Russian Red by Mac.

That’s the final look! You can wear it with anything! Oh please compare this face with the first photo! hahaha

Ooooops. It’s blurry! I still love it though!

Now let’s see how we can transform that day look to a night out look.

What I want to express is, if you’re using red lipstick or anything dark that will catch the attention, just use lighter shades or neutral shades for your eyes. You just have to focus on one thing – either your eyes or your lips. THere are instances that you can emphasize both, but that’s only if you have pictorial or any special events. But please, avoid doing that! I hate when I see people have colorful eyeshadows then red lipstick! No! Try to use neutral color eyeshadows!

So I’m using a neutral color on my lid, then darker shade on my crease.

After putting the eyeshadows, put some fake eyelashes on.

When I put some fake eyelashes on, I also put some eyeliner to cover the white glue that I used.

Contour the nose

Add more bronzer.

There’s the finish look. Again, please compare this photo with the first one! lol

Since it’s red lips, I really want that neat-hairstyle look – that sleek look. Like this…

So here’s the final look.

That’s the final look. Sorry my concealer was already creasing since I do have fine lines. I forgot to put some transluscent powder. So put some if you have fine lines to prevent that! 🙂

I will post tomorrow an outfit that goes with this sleek look.

People actually ask me if there is a right shade of red for each person. Well, as what I have heard from the people who really knows how to do this stuff:

It is better to go darker shades of red if you are morena or tan, then you can go like this bright red if you’re fair to give you that Manilyn Monroe look (I don’t know if I spelled that right). But I say, you can go with anything! 😉

So there it is! Thank you for reading! I will post a photo of my outfit with this look soon! 😉

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