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132nd: The Birthday Makeup

Hello guys! It’s been a while since the last time I’ve blogged and it sucks. lol Oh well, I was so busy with school! I had a paper due this morning so I had to do that first. This post has actually been in my drafts folder for 4 days already and I was just too busy to publish it. Good news is, I am posting it now so at least you guys can remember that I still exist! 😀

This make-up post is inspired by my birthday outfit/look and I just decided to show you guys how I achieved that look. I am not really good with make-up so keep that in mind. I just want to show you how I do it my way. I also did not edit the photos so there’s no photoshop here – just my bare face. lol

1. Bare clean face

I cleaned my face and used my day moisturizer.

2. Apply make-up primer

I used Mac Prep and Prime.

3. Apply foundation

I am currently using Make Up Forever HD foundation in N127.

4. Fill/shape eyebrows

With an angled brush, I fill my eyebrows using a brown eyeshadow.

5. Apply Eye primer and first base of eyeshadow.

I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and used my bootycall from my Naked 2 palette

6. Do your eyes!

I used a shimmery nude eyeshadow over my lids and some shimmery gold on the sides. I wanted a simple eye shadow since I will be using very dramatic falsies and will have bold lips as well.

Eyes.. eyes… baby.

7. Put some eyeliner on.

I used Mac liquid eye liner.


I love dramatic falsies and I used showstopper from Sephora.

9. Contour cheekbones and nose

I used Pure Sculpture a Pro Sculpting Cream.

10. Blush

Mac Melba blush.

11. Highlight

Mac warming heart

12. Lips to finish the gorgeous look

I used Mac Lady Danger. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! I love red lipsticks but this has a touch or orange which is HOT!

…and now that’s the finish look!


So what do you think?

There’s a second part of this post, how I did my hair! I already have all the pictures here, I just need to say something with it. I will try to post it tomorrow! Sorry if I’ve been skipping blogging! I’m in my 3rd year, and it’s getting more hectic as time goes by!

Thank you guys for reading. I missed you all!

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83rd: Make-up tutorial: Red lips for day and night

Okay.It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. I will just edit the draft that I have saved for the latest look that I did. This post has been on my draft folder for a while now and I think tonight is the right time to publish it since I don’t have anything to do.

So yes, this is another make-up post. I should not say “another” since I don’t even post a lot of make-up blogs. This is just my second. lol I am not good at doing make-up but I’ll still show you how I do my version.

I’ll show you how I do the “red lips look”. Red-lips is one of my favorite looks since it can go with everything. Actually, if I’m too lazy to do my eyes or my face, I just put on some red lipstick and I’m good to go! I will also show you how you can transform the red-lips day look to a night/party look. But before I start, I just want to remind you that I’M NOT GOOD AT DOING THIS! Plus, I will show you MY version! I will also not edit the photos so you will see really the colors and stuff. So let’s start now…


This is me without make-up on! Scary, I KNOW! lol I slept around 3am and woke up at 7am, so please do not hate! I am “prettier” when I get my sleep! HAHA

Just make sure that you have moisturized your face first. I used my Clinique moisturizer.

I use my Nars Sheer Glow foundation. As you can see, my foundation is two shades lighter than my face! I got tan that’s why. I should buy a new one.

Next, I’ll do my eyebrows! I will use two shades of brown eyeshadows!

I’ll use my Mac eyebrow gel on top of that

Put concealer under my dark circles

Also on my lids since I want that fresh look

To set the concealer and to give a matte finish, I used my Mac Studio Fix powder.

Apply mascara. I put some on my upper and lower lashes.

Apply bronzer.

Then the red lipstick! I’m using Russian Red by Mac.

That’s the final look! You can wear it with anything! Oh please compare this face with the first photo! hahaha

Ooooops. It’s blurry! I still love it though!

Now let’s see how we can transform that day look to a night out look.

What I want to express is, if you’re using red lipstick or anything dark that will catch the attention, just use lighter shades or neutral shades for your eyes. You just have to focus on one thing – either your eyes or your lips. THere are instances that you can emphasize both, but that’s only if you have pictorial or any special events. But please, avoid doing that! I hate when I see people have colorful eyeshadows then red lipstick! No! Try to use neutral color eyeshadows!

So I’m using a neutral color on my lid, then darker shade on my crease.

After putting the eyeshadows, put some fake eyelashes on.

When I put some fake eyelashes on, I also put some eyeliner to cover the white glue that I used.

Contour the nose

Add more bronzer.

There’s the finish look. Again, please compare this photo with the first one! lol

Since it’s red lips, I really want that neat-hairstyle look – that sleek look. Like this…

So here’s the final look.

That’s the final look. Sorry my concealer was already creasing since I do have fine lines. I forgot to put some transluscent powder. So put some if you have fine lines to prevent that! 🙂

I will post tomorrow an outfit that goes with this sleek look.

People actually ask me if there is a right shade of red for each person. Well, as what I have heard from the people who really knows how to do this stuff:

It is better to go darker shades of red if you are morena or tan, then you can go like this bright red if you’re fair to give you that Manilyn Monroe look (I don’t know if I spelled that right). But I say, you can go with anything! 😉

So there it is! Thank you for reading! I will post a photo of my outfit with this look soon! 😉

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67th: My everyday make-up

Since most of you guys are asking me how I normally do my make-up, here! lol I really do not want to expose these pictures since they’re “scary” especially when I do not have any make-up on, but since I love you so much… screw my bare face! 😀


One more thing. I am not editing these photos, so you can see my imperfections – pimples, pores, eyebags. This is embarassing.

Step 1. So here’s my bare face. Scary I know. So I applied my moisturizer already. I used my Clinique daily moisturizer.

Step 2. Apply your liquid foundation. I use Nars Sheer Glow! I also use a stippling brush to apply my foundation. I used to use sponge, you can do that as well! Don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck as well!

I will show another picture how this foundation made my face flawless, this photo failed to show that.

Step 3. Do your eyebrows. For my eyebrows, I use my eyeshadow and an eyebrow brush. I just follow the shape of my eyebrow. I personally like thick eyebrows. It makes you look young! 🙂

Step 4. I add some eyebrow mascarra. I use “Girly Boy” from Mac since my hair is orangey brown. lol

Step 5. Apply eyeshadow. I used a darker one on my lid, then a lighter shade above that. Make sure to blend your eyeshadow!

You can add more dark eyeshadows on the outer part to add more drama. Just make sure you blend it.

Blend it well. You wouldn’t want your eye make up to look like this! 🙂

Step 6. Add your eyeliner. I just put eye liner on my upper lid if it’s just an everyday makeup.

Step 7. Contour your cheekbones. Look at my freaking face. lol

Step 8. THen I added some powder so that there’s no harsh lines when I contour. Since this is an everyday look, I do not wear blush that much. But if you want to, apply some blush as well! 🙂

Step 9. Contour nose. I do that by applying some brown eyeshadow on the sides of my nose then powder on my nose bone.

Step 10. Lipstick. We know how to put lipstick right? lol I do not use lip brushes.I used Mac’s Unlimited.


To do all of this, it takes me about 5-8 minutes.

Then you’re done!!! YAY!!

That’s indoors.

And that’s with natural light.

I’ll do a party make-up when I have time. lol Always remember though, make-up will just enhance your beauty. You always have to take care of your skin! Also, less is more – always remember that! 🙂

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