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132nd: The Birthday Makeup

Hello guys! It’s been a while since the last time I’ve blogged and it sucks. lol Oh well, I was so busy with school! I had a paper due this morning so I had to do that first. This post has actually been in my drafts folder for 4 days already and I was just too busy to publish it. Good news is, I am posting it now so at least you guys can remember that I still exist! 😀

This make-up post is inspired by my birthday outfit/look and I just decided to show you guys how I achieved that look. I am not really good with make-up so keep that in mind. I just want to show you how I do it my way. I also did not edit the photos so there’s no photoshop here – just my bare face. lol

1. Bare clean face

I cleaned my face and used my day moisturizer.

2. Apply make-up primer

I used Mac Prep and Prime.

3. Apply foundation

I am currently using Make Up Forever HD foundation in N127.

4. Fill/shape eyebrows

With an angled brush, I fill my eyebrows using a brown eyeshadow.

5. Apply Eye primer and first base of eyeshadow.

I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and used my bootycall from my Naked 2 palette

6. Do your eyes!

I used a shimmery nude eyeshadow over my lids and some shimmery gold on the sides. I wanted a simple eye shadow since I will be using very dramatic falsies and will have bold lips as well.

Eyes.. eyes… baby.

7. Put some eyeliner on.

I used Mac liquid eye liner.


I love dramatic falsies and I used showstopper from Sephora.

9. Contour cheekbones and nose

I used Pure Sculpture a Pro Sculpting Cream.

10. Blush

Mac Melba blush.

11. Highlight

Mac warming heart

12. Lips to finish the gorgeous look

I used Mac Lady Danger. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! I love red lipsticks but this has a touch or orange which is HOT!

…and now that’s the finish look!


So what do you think?

There’s a second part of this post, how I did my hair! I already have all the pictures here, I just need to say something with it. I will try to post it tomorrow! Sorry if I’ve been skipping blogging! I’m in my 3rd year, and it’s getting more hectic as time goes by!

Thank you guys for reading. I missed you all!

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