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123rd: Before summer ends

School’s starting next week so I should try my best to blog whenever I’m free… like right now. lol Next week will be pretty intense since it’s the first week again plus I will have a midterm right after few days. Oh well, I can do this! I don’t have any choice but to deal with it! lol

My day’s actually been interesting. I stayed home all day but couldn’t stop smiling/laughing the whole time… you know just talking to some people. Oh well. It was a good laugh. Let’s just say… talking to “kids” (what I call teenagers) can make you smile/laugh. Teenagers these days!!!! lol I cannot share what we’ve talked about… but really interesting! lol

Now to my outfit….

This is my last Zara dress that I’ll be featuring. lol I swear to that! I know I’ve been posting Zara dresses and what’s the point of having a fashion blog if I don’t “experiment” with other brands as well. Right?

Let me show you what the dress really looks like. It is just a very simple dress… just a bodycon with lace details…. and…

TADA. A backless feature. lol You know I’m a backless person! lol

Zara dress: from $60 to $29

Ohhh. I am so happy that I finally own a metal plate belt with studs! I got it from ASOS for $27.

Oh and did you notice that I DYED MY HAIR dark brown?!?! I’m still thinking if I should keep it or if I should dye it darker or lighter again.

Well, that’s it guys!

I’ll talk to you laterrrrr! Love you! โค


118th: Under the bridge

It’s Friday! Yay! I was supposed to go to a party with a friend, but I decided to just stay home and look after the little one since the husband is playing basketball. I am so amazed how my little boy has grown so fast, how his intellectual capabilities developed so much compared to the previous months. He can now say “I’m too hungry”, “I’m mad”, “not me”, and… some bad stuff. hahaha.

I love taking pictures somewhere green since he also likes running around the parks, playing with water, etc. so blogging is also a family time for us. I just don’t know if that’s how my husband feels. I really feel he doesn’t like taking photos for me. I really need to get that remote and a tripod! I know one day he’ll just give up and I see it coming! lol

If you have followed my blog since the beginning then you must have seen this background already. I have took pictures here before but it wasn’t summer yet. If I can remember it right, I was freezing when I was taking those photos especially I was wearing shorts! lol

But now, even though I’m wearing a sheer top – Oh Em, it’s still too hot! I like it better this way though! Anyways, I lvoe this sheer top I got from Forever21 about 3 years ago. It was actually a leopard print (painted on) but I can’t see them now. I guess it faded. lol

I used my JC Lita in color block since I haven’t used this as much as I want to. I honestly don’t think it was the best choice for my outfit, but hey… anything that stands out is good! lol

I have also re-used my high-waisted shorts since it’s one of my favorite shorts out there! I have blogged this before but I don’t think I gave justice to how cute it is!

Sorry. I’m posting this coz I like looking at how toned my thighs are. lol Oh, and how skinny I look in here! lol Well, I am not skinny but I’m not really complaining. I actually just want to get toned! How I wish I have the motivation.ย 

I almost fell! lol Actually, I did! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Oh. One thing to share. I know you will not notice it right away, but maybe in the following months… lol. But I have changed my skin (face) regimen. So I’m expecting good results since it’s very pricey. I will blog about it maybe if I see good results! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you guys for reading! Have a nice weekend!

Please still continue to PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES! You know, the post-calamity or “trauma” is the worst. The rain stopped already and the sun is up maybe, but I know that most of them don’t know where or how to start. So please still continue including them in your prayers. I will!

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112th: Nature & frill

This is going to be a very quick post since my friends and I are playing charades. It’s quite cold outside so we’re trying to play some indoor games.

I bought the dress that I’m wearing from Zara. It was originally priced at $59 but now it’s $29. When I bought it, I thought that it looked so good on me. lol Sad to say, I think I’ve gained few pounds since the time I bought it. Well, that’s alright! I still like it!

You know how I love taking photos outdoors.. somewhere green or blue… I tell you though, it’s not that easy. I have to climb high places, or I have to kill ย mosquitoes just to have pictures with nature! I’m not complaining though. I think it’s all worth it in the end. At least, that’s what I think. ๐Ÿ˜€

What I ย really like about the dress is the frill at the waist and also the texture of the dress.

I got this photo from Zara’s website. I just want to show you guys what it looks up close.

Don’t mind how big my tummy looks in this photo. It’s the lining of the dress! I SWEAR! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I love the dress, but the downside is it makes me look kinda fat. I should’ve pulled it down so it doesn’t makes folds.

I know I’ve been posting same photos with the same poses and locations… but whatever. I love all these frames. HAHA

Sorry for the short post… We’re watching a Filipino horror movie right now – Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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111th: GOODBYE BLOG (?)

I can’t get enough of skater dresses, skater skirts… and yes paisley print! OH c’mon, I should stop fooling you guys. I can’t get enough of SALE ITEMS! lol I found this dress at H&M for $20 and I was so excited to buy it! It was such a cute dress! I love how it fits perfectly, especially for a short person like me. Oh yes, the print is the exact same thing as my trousers (in this post) but the fabric is different. It’s more on the better quality! lol that’s all I can say since I don’t know anything about fabrics!

For the location of these photos, we have decided to go to Fishcreek Park. Enough of the talking, let’s look at the lovely pictures that my husband took!

I loved the stones!

Lovely view and lovely girl! CHOS!!!!

Oooh! I think this is my favorite shot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I like this one as well! hahah. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just love how my hair looks so nice and so “brown” here!

Here’s the last one! The “let-me-extend-my-other-leg” photo! lol

Now, let me share something. You know why I was skipping blogging for 2 days or more? haha. I was kinda preparing you guys for my last week of blogging. For those who don’t know (which is almost everyone of you guys), this blog will not be existing without the support of my photographer – my husband. So without him, no photos.. and without no photos… there’s no blog. Duh.

He was about to leave the province for a job offer at Fort Mcmurray! It was a very nice offer, financial wise. I don’t want him to leave us but I cannot force him to stay if that’s his dream, right? Or maybe I can since I’m the wife (gah)! If you’re asking why don’t I just come with him? Well, ย I can’t leave Calgary since I’m still studying. Oh no, I will never leave Mount Royal University (MRU BABY!) since they’re so nice! I think I’ve mentioned before that I got $6k last year + another $1K which was a year of free tuition. This year… well, I didn’t want to tell anyone especially my family because they will ask me where the money is.. JUST KIDDING MA (she’ll be reading this), but MRU offered me.. well, it’s lesser than that amount… but also a large.. very large amount. That’s why I can’t leave MRU! Well, actually the biggest reason is I’ve gained friends and I love the instructors and I love their Nursing program!

Okay. I should cut this. No, I’m not leaving MRU. I’m not going to stop my blog either because Dale is not leaving!!!!! God is so good that he got an offer here in Calgary just TODAY! God answers prayers! It was just amazing since he ‘s supposed to leave early next week!

So nope! NOOOO “goodbye blog”. Sorry if I was being too dramatic!lol

Have a wonderful weekend! Party hard! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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108th: Full mini skirt

This is a very short post since it’s already 1am. I just can’t sleep and what’s the best way to kill time? BLOG!

While I was looking at my closest, I realized that I haven’t blogged my full skirt that I got 2 years ago. This is one of my favorite skirts since it gives me a long-legged look when I take photos. For short people like me, if you want to look taller, then go with either very long (like maxi dresses or jumpsuits) or very short (knicker shorts).

Ohhh. Wait, have you noticed my “bubu” on my left leg? I know it’s been there for months now and the color never fades. I don’t think I’m diabetic because it actually healed, I just don’t know why it’s not fading. Who knows why? Oh please don’t tell me I have leukemia.

Now to my outfit…

I’m using again the necklace I used on my previous post. I forgot to mention that I got it from Zara! It was on sale so I had to get it right away! lol

top: romper UO; skirt: H$M ($29); shoes: Gold Dot

While I was doing this look, I knew that skinny leather belts are kinda out of season. I was searching online for the in-season metal plate belts but I was unlucky. If someone knows where I can buy a cheap but very good quality one, please tell me.

Well, that’s it! Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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107th: White jumpsuit

If you feel that black is just too common already for an outfit, and you can’t take the “clown-like” look that color blocking can bring, then I suggest you just go with a very simple but neat and chic color – white! White makes you look fresh and clean especially with a 35 degree celsius weather like Calgary had today! The worse part is I wasn’t even sweating because Calgary’s sunny days are too dry!

Other than maxi dresses and skirts, one of my favs is jumpsuits! They’re very easy to dress up plus they make me look taller than my usual height! lol So white jumpsuit for me is a must have!

As you may have noticed, I’m extra tan now! lol

When I took the pictures, it was super windy that my eyes became watery so sorry if my eyes look “sleepy” on the next photos.

If you want to look tall, then don’t put any belt. For me though, I wanted to add some “texture” to my outfit so I added a rope. Yes, a rope!

If you want to add more texture, then just do fold your pants and roll it in to add some volume.

You can also add a white blazer.

Then you can just add some color… as what I did with my shoes and accessory.

jumpsuit: Zara (from $69 to $59); blazer: Forever21 ($45); shoes: Aldo

I got my jumpsuit from the recent Zara sale! I just knew I had to grab it right away! lol

Well, that’s it! Hope you guys are enjoying your day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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104th: The must-have overrated petticoat skirt

Hi guys! I know I haven’t blogged for a week, but hey, I’m back! I’ve been pretty busy the past week so I skipped blogging. I know I should not do that but at least I’m back! haha. So now, I will show my outfit right away instead of talking and talking. I have bought a lot of new SALE items which I’m very excited to mix and match. Maybe I should post two outfits per day so I can keep up!

Well.. Happy belated Canada Day! I know I’m 3 days late but that’s okay right?! It’s kinda ironic that I’m saying Happy Canada Day with Canada flags AND British flags in my background. Hahaha.

Can I just tell you how much I love my outfit?! hahaha. Even though I have 100 outfit posts, I do also have favorite outfits and this is one of them. I just love the bustier and the petticoat!

Every fashionista knows about this petticoat – the super-famous petticoat of American Apparel.

It is sooo “FLUFFY” – “I’m going to die!” lol Despicable me tag line right there!

Seriously, this petticoat is a must have! I love love love it!

Urban Outfitters had a 30% off sale last weekend and I was so happy to get this bustier! It was on sale for $19, so plus 30% off, yeah… just $13! wheet wew! I love the aztec print panel of my bustier as well! IT MATCHES MY SHOES!

Now something wacky!! hahaha

Now something sweet! HAHA

top: bustier UO ($13); bottom: petticoat skirt American Apparel (from $80 to $40); nude lace shorts: AA ($10); shoes and bag: Aldo

Well, that’s it guys! I’m so excited for this weekend! It’s Calgary Stampede! I will be posting a lot of pictures for you guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

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103rd: The bikini post problem

It was a lovely day! HELLO SUN, finally you’re here! I hope you stay for a while because I enjoy your company. Haha. Yes, I’m talking to the sun. Weirdo?! ๐Ÿ˜€

Since it was a very sunny and lovely day, my family went to the lake to bond and also to get tanned. Haha. That was not an Asian thing, you know. Most Filipinos hate the sun. We cover ourselves because we want to get “fair”. HAHA. I wanted to have a new image for summer though. I want to get a tan… oooh. We’ll see how it goes.

I want to be honest with you. When I was still single, I always looked forward to summer. It’s a girl thing. I think every girl understands what I’m talking about. You know.. two piece, with our abs (or AB – jsut one big bump lol) exposed, taking photos with our girls… you know? lol Okay guys, we girls don’t expose our bodies just to impress you, okay? I just want to make that clear. Why do we need to impress you anyways? It doesn’t also mean that if I expose myself wearing bikinis then I’m a slut. People should know that. *ehem* Filipino culture *ehem*. It doesn’t also mean that if I post photos of me wearing a bikini (like here in my blog), then I want guys to look at my body. Nope. Some people say that “your body should be private”, I say “you need to shut up and mind your own business.” It’s a personal preference. I don’t give a fruit bar if you want to hide your body so don’t mind my preference. Please don’t hate, just appreciate… my sexiness. Thanks! (Oha oha)

Well, you may be asking then “why do you need to expose your body, and blog about it, and take photos…” blah blah blah. My dear, other than the reason of “Canada has 9 months of cold to very cold weather in which I cover myself and dress layers and summer is the only time my tummy can get a tan”, it’s simply because I have the right to. Oh and I want to.

The real reason why though? I’m a girl. I still am a girl. I still want to look good.

You know us mothers, we did not only sacrifice going to the bar or having a shopping day with friends, or going out every night when we decided to have a family and to have children, we also sacrificed our beautiful bodies. You don’t know how pregnancy changes a girl’s body… saggy-ish boobs, flabby arms, big thighs, cellulites, oh and please say hello to our stretch marks! You might say that “you’re skinny” or “the other girl I know is still hot”, oh trust me girl (or boy) there’s been a change! It wasn’t just like it used to be! It will never be, unless we spend thousands of dollars getting a boob job, or a tummy tuck. You might say, “then they should exercise”. Oh sorry dear it’s not that easy, your mom is too busy feeding you when you were a baby and changing your stinky diapers, making you burp so you don’t feel gassy, etc.!

But mothers don’t mind! We don’t care! I don’t care if my tummy or my thighs look like a map (what my husband calls it because of stretch marks). I don’t care if I have all those I have mentioned above even though I used to be sooo sexy when I was still single (lol oh c’mon you know I’m going to say that eventually ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). We just don’t care. People say that giving birth hurts. I say, the changes after giving birth hurts! Changes in financial aspect, our emotional, our mental, but also physical.

You might say “why is it a big deal?!”. Oh child. It is a big deal! You know why you’re here? Your dad saw something.. when he saw your mom, that’s why they had you. Well, of course other than the other aspects, physical attraction is always there (can be eyes, nose… chests).

I remember reading one comment from a teenage mom from a parenthood website, “I’m only 21, but I have boobs of a 70-year-old woman.” That’s true. Well, mine’s about on 30’s maybe, NOT 70! AHAHAHAH. But every time I look at his beautiful face, every time I remember how cute he is or how he makes me smile, I ‘m ready to sacrifice the body that my used-to-be boyriend and now a husband went gaga for! lol Every girl can bear a child, but not every girl can be called a mother.

Mothers already had the hard time raising their kids and having no time for themselves, their bodies may have changed… but please… allow us to wear two-piece, without you judging us… without you saying “but you have a kid already”.

Now to my outfit… LMFAO.

bandeau top and printed bottom bikini from Victoria Secret.

All photos are taken by… THE SELF-TIMER since my husband didn’t want to take photos for me. Anti-swimsuit?!

I don’t expect everyone to understand my point because I know only mothers will do, especially young moms. Oh we miss those flat-tummy days. But as what I said, every single stretch mark strand, IS WORTH IT!

Well, thank you Dale though for constantly telling me I’m sexy. haha. Guys, girls need to hear that. Even though they had the changes already, they need to hear that you still find them attractive!

So yeah, that’s my advice! Take a lot of photos of you wearing a bikini when your body still looks perfect because eventually it won’t be… and it always feel great to reminisce good memories.

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102nd: Orange plus paisley print

Let me do some sharing here. lol First of all, I want to apologize to all my friends who I haven’t seen for quite some time now. I know that it’s summer and I’m supposed to hang out with you guys. You know when you’re a mom and a wife, you always have that feeling of “guilt” when you go out with your friends and leave your family especially your child at home. lol When was the last time I went out without my son? Hmm. June 11! It lasted for less than 2 hrs! lol Everywhere I go, I bring him/them. To be honest, sometimes I want to go out just by myself. You know, just hang out with friends. But you know what? I’m much happier when my son is around. HAHA. I think that’s the reason why I love my church friends because they know that we always have to bring my son so we always try to choose a child-friendly place. I don’t want to miss any important day in my son’s life so I always have to be around him especially now that I’m off from school. When school starts, I know I would be very busy so I should spend quality time with him now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Again, sorry guys. lol

Okay, enough with the drama. Now to my outfit.

So we went to Chinook this afternoon just to check if there’s anything new. lol Well, you know what? haha. It’s really a good thing that I have friends who are very willing to share with me some “secrets”. lol I’ll keep you posted.

You will see that I’m just sitting on these photos. There were a lot of people so I didn’t want to stand and smile for the camera. Even though I take a lot of pictures in public, I still feel that “awkwardness”. lol

shorts: H&M ($15); top: UO; blazer: H&M ($20)

I got my new shorts from the still-on-going sale in H&M! I love H&M! very cheap yet the quality is still very good!

Here’s a standing photo so you can see my new shorts! lol It has a paisley print with girlish color (remember my “what makes a goo wife post” in which I wore trousers with this print but in color blue?). It’s also high-waisted so it’s lovely!!

Since I was already playing with a lot of colors, I’ve decided to just wear my nude platforms from Das.(Das 12 Philippines Php, 3500)

Well, that’s it guys! Since it’s summer, I encourage you guys to play with colors! Also, live life to the fullest! Have some day for yourself, day with your friends, but also quality time with your family! Family first more than anything or anyone, right?


I love how neat and how my hair turned out. I was too lazy to curl it, so I just did a high bun. LOVED IT!

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97th: The little black mesh dress

It’s pretty late already but I want to blog first before this day ends. The reason actually for this late post is that I was trying for the sun to set, but since it’s summer it was already 9pm but it wasn’t dark yet.

My friends have asked me many times to do a “night-out look”. Well, I don’t know about you guys but I always think of “little black dress” for a night out. I think of black dresses as a basic clothing for every women. Every women needs a black dress. Since it’s black, you can do whatever and you will still look good. It will be easy to accessorize the outfit plus it will give you a slimmer look. Who doesn’t want that?! The “little” part adds sexiness to it. lol

Here’s my take on a black dress. Since this is me, I chose that “sexy times 4” approach when choosing a black dress. lol

1. The mesh that goes ’til the side of the dress. I know what you’re thinking. HAHAHHAHA. I was wearing… okay?! lol

2. Mesh back

3. One -shoulder

4. …and the “little” part.

Have you noticed that I try to post what my make-up was for that outfit as well? I do that to give you ideas as well on how you would style the whole look. It’s not just about the clothes, we have to remember the hair, the make-up, and of course the projection – the attitude! lol

Oh wait, don’t forget the shoes! If you know that you are doing a lot of standing (and dancing for some), then of course we have to wear something very comfortable. If you want to have the height that you want but not sacrificing comfortability then always go for wedges or platforms. I love wedges though because they’re stable… you can run with them!

I chose my Gold Dot wedges since it doesn’t only give you comfortability, it’s so chic!!! Everybody would be looking at you! C’mon, every girl wants to be a “head-turner”. lol

Well, that’s it guys! Thank you all for reading!

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