HELLO!!!!!!!! Okay. That’s a lot of exclamation marks over there! hahaha. Well, I haven’t blogged in what?!?!?!?! at least 3 months?!??!?! OMG!!!! SO EXPECT THE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! hahahaha.

I’M BAAAACKKKKKK people!!!!!!! I know some of you have missed my blog (HAHA making myself feel special), and I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS TOO!

I’m still actually not in the “total blog mood” that I couldn’t think of an outfit today… My day was.. well, should be no bad vibes today!!! It should be special right?!?! So here I am! BACK and stronger! WITH BLACK HAIR! Yes I do have black hair right now, for those who haven’t noticed! lol Oh. and I’ve gained 5 lbs during the holiday season and until now, I’m still struggling to lose that extra pounds. EF!!!

More stories to come soon!!!! So please keep in touch! I’m also thinking of something “new” for my blog!! Any suggestions?

Now to the outfit…

I love my fur + leather jacket! I bought it from Urban Outfitters for just $50 2 months ago! HELL YEAH!IMG_8658 IMG_8664 IMG_8651 IMG_8659As you may have noticed, it’s whiteeee everywhere!!!!! So please expect winter outfits or bulky clothes or oversized cardigans… or whatever! We’ll mix it with some summer outfits though! We don’t need depressing colors! hahahaha

Well, that’s it for now!! I missed you guys! Thank you for reading.


*****No one else would ever do.
I got a stubborn heart for you.
Call me crazy, but it’s true; I love you.
I didn’t think that it would be,
you have made it clear to me.
You’re all I need.*****


One thought on “HAPPY 140th BLOG! I’m BACK!

  1. Danica Mae says:

    Welcome backkkkkkk… I misssed youuuuuuu…

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