138th: Where: West Edmonton Mall

As what I said on my last post, it was our anniversary last week so my mini family decided to go to Edmonton! You guys maybe were thinking, why go to the mall?!?! lol Yeah yeah. I get you. :p If you know me though, there’s nothing more romantic than the feeling of a husband supporting your shopping craziness! HAHA. BUT HEY… Edmonton Mall is not just any other mall. *curtains open*

Just some facts for those who knows nothing about WEM, it has the WORLD’s largest indoor amusement park, the largest indoor  triple loop rollercoaster, largest indoor lake, and largest indoor wave pool. It’s size is equivalent to 48 city blocks – it is the largest shopping mall in North America.

Sorry, I actually did not take a lot of photos. lol OKAY. I was there to enjoy my time with my husband and my kid, okay? I wasn’t there to just take photos! lol I just want to show you some photos of which attractions we have visited. We were actually rushing so we can visit other places as well so we didn’t get the chance to take lots of photos.


 Sea Life Caverns

We actually bought the whole day pass but we didn’t get go to the sea lion show since we were running a bit late. We left our hotel at 12 am instead of 7 am again. lol

PENGUINS!! We watched a Penguin show… we got the chance to meet.. DALE.

HAHAHA. YES! DALE! Hahaha. I was looking at my husband and told him that a penguin was named after him.

ahmm. sharks? lol

Oh here’s Dale! lol

MEET THE WHALE! No. The string ray! Is that a sting ray? Oh my. I don’t even know this stuff. lol

ahmmm. excuse me sir! You’re scaring the esss out of me! I HATE REPTILES! (Is that a reptile)

Okay. Now I sound so stupid! lol I swear I’m very smart! lol


Then we went to eat at Earls. lol We left the hotel at 12, we had breakfast there first, so basically we were still full. I wanted to eat though just because I want to so I ATE A BIG BURGER!!! It was so cheap and I loveee it!

Basically.. the whole time we were at Edmonton, we just ate at Tony Romas and Earls. We ate Friday and Saturday dinner at Tony Romas. Just because their service was sooo fast (Calgary ones are so slow) we were so amazed! There were lots of choices but I tell you, the line ups were ridiculous that you had to wait 30 minutes. SO pfftttt.

and I just had to order foods to go so we can eat at the hotel.



So this is the largest indoor amusement park in the WORLD. There are rides for  kids  and for kids at heart. Sorry but I don’t have enough memory now that I have to make this post short. 😦 Yes, I know! I’m not giving justice to how beautiful the place is. 😦

One confession:  I SERIOUSLY HATE AMUSEMENT PARKS! I get sooo dizzy! I tried riding a roller coaster once, and it was the last (it was super tiny pa)! I tell you, I went with my son in a kids slide coz I thought it would be very easy but after that MY WHOLE BODY WAS SHAKING! AAHHH!!! I’m such a chicken! lol

Well, that’s it guys! As you may see.. I actually didn’t include my outfit photos except for the very first photo. I will post them soon!



2 thoughts on “138th: Where: West Edmonton Mall

  1. audfashion says:

    Great photos! It looks like a lot of fun!

  2. thelookes says:

    It seems like a really funny day!!!


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