137th: Where: Matrix Hotel Edmonton, AB

Most people think of clothes, shoes, accessories, every time they hear fashion. Interior decorating for me is fashion.. it is like dressing up… you want to look classy, you want to give an impression to people, but at the same time you want to feel comfortable. That’s what this hotel offers their customers.

I am not from Edmonton and I can count with my hands the different hotels where we stayed during our vacations for the last 7 years. I must say though that Matrix had the most impact on me. The room is very cheap, but gives you that luxury feeling you want for a hotel.

When I was looking for a place where to stay during our visit, I was thinking of a hotel in Edmonton downtown so I would have the chance to see what their city centre looks like. Well, all I can say is it looks like Manila!!! Anyways, back to the topic… We got the room for only $120/night  (plus taxes). They have free internet, complimentary breakfast, and FITNESS CENTRE which makes me veryyyy happy!!!! I worked out last night and I really liked their equipments! They’re very updated, and the room is very clean! They offer free parking but the parking lot is very small, which is still okay. I love the room service on top of that! The house keeping impressed me as well! When we got to the room after our busy day, the room was very clean again! lol

Now let me show you some pictures of the room! PS. I will be blogging my outfit of the day tomorrow or next time! I will be featuring what I’m wearing in this set of photos.

I love how it feels so classy! The bed!! The bed!!! The mattress!!! Aww! Speechless!

The room is so modern which what I really wanted when I was looking for somewhere to stay.

They have mini bar in one corner of the room which is really cute and very convenient! From diet colas to wines and snacks!!!

The washroom is really tiny, but hey, it should be! I mean, it’s fair that the washroom is kinda small! I only paid $120 a night for the room! The average cost for an average hotel in Alberta is around $150-$180 and most of the times, the rooms are crappy! Pfft. So this is a very good deal!

Juice, water, sodas, gin, champagne, white wine, red wine, etc.!

So now if you are planning to Edmonton and looking for a place to stay.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MATRIX HOTEL, guys! If you want to know more info about the hotel, visit http://www.matrixedmonton.com! I’m thinking of trying their suite on our next visit! 🙂



2 thoughts on “137th: Where: Matrix Hotel Edmonton, AB

  1. thelookes says:

    It looks like a really nice place!what a wonderful bed!and it’s true, interor decorating is fashion as well! I hope you’ve enjoyed!


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