136th: Where: Edmonton, AB

How stupid is this?! I already wrote 3 paragraphs of my updates then my browser refreshed and then there was no recent update from the drafts folder?! GAHHH!!!! I wrote those paragraphs for about 15 minutes and now it’s gone!!!!! GAHHH!!!!!

Sorry for that intro. I just really have to vent out my frustrations. Whatever! This is supposed to be a very happy day since today is our wedding anniversary! Anyways, the husband and I decided to go to Edmonton this time. Our little one had never been to Edmonton and we wanted to show him the Water Park here in Edmonton since he really likes going swimming! BC was our first plan, but it is too far plus the weather is not at its best so there’s no point really to go there right now.

So I told Dale that we have to leave Calgary by 7am so we can go to different places but we end up leaving at 12noon. How Filipino is that?!?! lol In Edmonton, we went to our hotel first. I will tell you next time which hotel we are staying and maybe do a little bit of review since I really like the hotel. Then we went to West Edmonton Mall to do a little bit of shopping. I told myself that I would buy stuff I normally won’t be getting from Calgary.. but guess what? I end up buying from Zara, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, etc. Then we also had our dinner at Tony Romas. Wow. Really, Maggie?! What’s the point of going to Edmonton if you’re not trying something different?!?! lol Whatevs.

Now, let me show you some preview of our tour. Since it’s the first day, I wore a very casual outfit.. just jeans and shirt with cardigan. I didn’t even wear too much make-up.

Very casual and very comfortable outfit for a busy shopping day!

One of the attractions here in West Edmonton Mall.

Look at those slides!!!! I am a chicken and I will never try that! Sorry guys! lol Don’t worry. Dale is going to do that for me!

that’s the very huge wave pool. Can’t wait to swim!!!

The cutest golf course ever! So cuteeee!

Well, that’s it for now guys! I will post another blog tomorrow when we get home! Sorry, it’s already 2 am and I need to rest. 😦

I just want to show you some pics and to update you guys a little bit about what’s happening with me. 🙂

That’s it guys! I’ll talk to you soon! 😀


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