131st: Happy Birthday!

I am so tired right now that I can’t write! lol I’m so sleepy since I had friends over last night and we stayed til 2am. I was planning to post this last night but it took forever to upload the photos!

So I turned 2_ last Wednesday! Yeap 20! lol

I am not really a party person but since I wanted to wear my designer dress that I got from the Philippines, I wanted to go out with some friends.

I will be posting more info about my Filipino designer dress and how I did the whole look soon! As you can see, I had two hairstyles that night. First, being fashionista as I am, I wanted the pompadour look like what Rihanna had in the “We Found Love” music video! My husband didn’t like it though. Pffftt *cough* boriiinnng *cough*. lol


Shout out to Kat and Precious!! Love you both! Also to Lady, and to April/Erg for the gift!!!

I will be posting another blog for my other party I had with friends/family!

Thank you all for reading!


7 thoughts on “131st: Happy Birthday!

  1. Gorgeous dress! Awesome photos! Can’t wait to hear more about the dress and how you achieved your look!

  2. thelookes says:

    just….uaaaauhhhh!!!! amazing dress, amazing hair, amazing style and pictures! I really love that look!you look sooo perfect!

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