129th: Tonight, we are young

Hello there guys! I’m really trying my best to blog more frequently, you know, but I’m really busy with school so I blog if time permits. I have crazy readings to do and I just trust everything to the Almighty to help me through this. 😉

Due to my busy schedule, my blog posts from now on will be short and simple. I know that you guys are used to me being so overly dramatic on my posts… which is the real me. lol I have to manage my time properly so I can get things done! 😀

Now to my outfit… something youthful since I’ve noticed I’ve been posting casual and formal lately.

Even though I still have lots of outfits to show you guys, I reached my basic clothing items for a youthful, fun, and edgy look.

Very simple, but with the right attitude, oh baby you’re so hot! lol

Oh don’t ask me if I’ve gained weight, it’s the time of the month you know? lol Always my excuse, right? lol

shirt: Zara; shorts: Forever21: neckalces: UO; shoes: DAS; sunnies: Prada

Well, that’s it guys! Something fun and youthful! I will try to blog outfits like this more often since it’s very easy to do and hey, who doesn’t like some years deduct from their actual age?! lol

Talk to you guys soon! Love you all! 🙂

10 thoughts on “129th: Tonight, we are young

  1. maryrose says:

    hey mag i like ur outfit, mas bagy sau!

  2. Love the shoes! perfect outfit! Muah

  3. fantastic outfit, young, fun, hot! and those shoesssss!!! omg. Love them:) xx

  4. Great look! Love those shoes!! 🙂

  5. […] maggiedelsocorro This ladies fashion sense is on FIYAH. If you need some inspiration on outfits or just want to look at her pics in awe, go show her some love! […]

  6. Simply Feli says:

    You are AWESOME- and purely for this point, I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award! Yay 😀 Come read here for details and to spread the love! Stay blessed! http://simplyfeli.com/2012/09/21/i-would-like-to-thank/

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