126th: The problem of having braces

Sorry for not posting anything for the past few days. We had visitors over the weekend and I was pretty much occupied even before that. Oh, and remember that I got my braces? So I was actually in pain for days. Speaking of braces and pain, I didn’t eat solid foods for 2 days  and just had protein shakes, juices, noodles, you know… soft ones. Because of that, I’ve lost weight! I wanted to lose weight but right now, I’m bothered how fast I’ve lost weight that it’s not healthy for me. Gah! I hate my braces, but whatever… no pain no gain. lol

So for my outfit of the day… so we went to Crossiron today just to have fun. lol I was wearing a simple color block dress I bought from Urban Outfitters for only $10! They had a 50% off sale so from 20, I just paid 10! How awesome is that?!?!

Now, this dress is actually a bodycon dress with cut-out details.. but the thing is, I’ve lost too much weight that if you look at the dress, it doesn’t really hug my body like the way it’s supposed to.

Here, I’ll show you another picture. Don’t tell me to get a smaller size because this is already xs! 😦 Can you see how it’s kinda loose? UO’s dresses fit me well, especially the xs but right now, they’re too big for me! Please tell me that this pain from my braces will eventually go away! I need to eat!!!

Even at the back, you can see how it doesn’t fit me well. 😦

One more problem… having braces is so awkward! lol I mean, I don’t even know how to smile now! lol My face feature also changed that I don’t know if  what angle is the best for me. lol gah whatever! lol

Well, that’s it guys! I just wanted to tell you my problem! lol This problem though is not really a big problem, I can just drink lots of protein shakes and fruit shakes and I hope I’ll be okay. My big problem is my school starts tomorrow and I’m not yet prepared for it! lol So I should go now and prepare myself! I’ll be up early tomorrow (gah! I’m not used to it anymore) so that’s it guys!

Thank you for reading!


15 thoughts on “126th: The problem of having braces

  1. lifestyletea says:

    hot pink looks so good on you!!!

  2. LAND OF FUN says:

    How are you now , fine with braces ?
    This is very nice post, you are so charming with graceful innocent looks!
    Very nice blog dear friend !

  3. Light Friday says:

    like the dress you’re wearing (-:

  4. aimee lynn says:

    love this outfit! the colors and shoes are awesome. work it out, girl! 😉

  5. bmunez says:

    That dress and those shoes….I MUST have them!!

  6. vunger13 says:

    Oh I love this dress! I’ve been looking for a good cut out dress, but haven’t found one yet. This one looks great I love the color. Those shoes are awesome too. Love! xoxo

  7. vegas84 says:

    you always have cool shoes!

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