125th: My braces journey starts today

Hi guys. How you doing? This post will be one of those random posts I have. lol Well, I know this is a fashion blog but do you guys remember my Manny Pacquiao’s last fight post and my Somebody That I used to Know cover? This is one of them… just a random post by yours truly. Actually, not really. lol I don’t know how you define fashion but for me, fashion is not just about expensive clothes or shoes. For me fashion is being confident of what you are, what you have… clothes for example. I wear clothes that I think look good in it. lol Fashion for me too is having beautiful face – wearing makeup to hide your eye bags or your enlarged pores. lol Fashion is having beautiful skin – using products that were designed for your skin type. As I said, fashion is being confident!

Two things a person notices the first time they meet a stranger.. I mean generally. First is the person’s eyes. Second is their smile. So okay, I said smile I didn’t say teeth. However, your smile depends on how confident a person is in showing their teeth. Some people smile with their lips closed so people could not see their teeth.

Well, that was my problem…. Here, I’ll show you my smile.

I have spaces between my teeth and my left top incisor is kinda rotated and actually smaller than the rest of my teeth. I was supposed to show you my bottom teeth but I’m kinda shy. lol I’ll show it to you once there is an improvement so you can see the difference.

I did not edit the photos so forgive my eye bags and my super dry skin. I also have a cold sore that’s why my upper lip is so dry.

Now, today… I decided to change my smile. I GOT BRACES TODAY!

Now here’s my photo with my braces on.

Wait. Let me rant first on how dry my skin is due to my sunburn! My skin’s basically peeling because I was exposed to too much sun when I went to the camp meeting. BOOOO! I hate it when I get sunburns but oh well. My skin is so dry that it looks like I have fine lines. pftt. whatever.

So yeah. I had the white ceramic ones at the top and the traditional silver ones at the bottom.

My treatment plan will take two years for the braces then a year for retention.

Overall, the cost of my braces is $8000 and there were options how you want to pay.

When I convert that to Philippine peso that’s approximately Php 350,000. Like, seriously?!?!

Canada vs Philippines

I’m 22 and I just had braces! In Canada though, only 25% of adults get braces. Braces are basically for kids. I mean the right time to get braces is when you’re a kid. Braces in Canada is a must-have, something that every person needs to get (if their teeth are not perfect). Sometimes (I mean most of the times), braces is not something that a person is proud to show off! People get embarrass when they have braces. As I said, generally. Not all of them. Not me! πŸ˜€

The reason for that I think is… I’m a Filipino! In the Philippines, people show off their braces! lol When I was a kid, braces were soooo expensive that my mom could not afford. Now, everyone has braces – kids, youth, adults. I’m sure it’s waaaay cheaper than the cost of getting them here in Canada. Actually when I was a kid, braces is a symbol of the person’s economic status – if they’re rich or not.

If you’re curious, if it hurts… getting them on didn’t hurt at all. It was just uncomfortable since I had to open my mouth for an hour. The “pain” though starts few hours after you got them. It’s been 12 hours now, and they’re starting to get sore. They don’t hurt when you’re not doing anything. They hurt when you chew or close your mouth. 😦

That’s it! Countdown to new teeth (and new life? lol) starts today! 2 years, bring it on!

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14 thoughts on “125th: My braces journey starts today

  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I had braces when I was a kid. In Denmark braces are for free while you are a kid (because of our public health care system), so I had no idea how expensive it would otherwise have been. $8000 is really a huge amount for something that painful! πŸ™‚

  2. LAND OF FUN says:

    All The Best πŸ˜€

  3. Jeni Johnson says:

    Braces huh! Well the two years will go by fast..I don’t agree, you have such a beautiful face that I never even noticed your teeth. Do you remember my story? http://jentendesigns.net/2012/07/26/to-the-max-ootdteeth-story/ well, it’s taken me years to accept my teeth…amd wow 8,000! GEEz that’s seems very expensive. Wouldn’t invisaligh cost about the same?

    • IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Invisalign costs $5000, but I wanted to make sure that I will have perfect set of teeth! So 2 years is nothing I guess compared to lifetime of having crooked teeth! lol

  4. You look fabulous, and 2 years is nothing!

  5. Vivien piersanti says:

    You are too funny. And you do look great with those braces. Soon your teeth will be perfect!

  6. Alex says:

    I got braces on last week! I’m supposed to only have mine for a year, I really hope so too. Your teeth look great already, I’m surprised you were ashamed of them! I hope it goes quickly for you πŸ™‚

    • I have gaps on my teeth! Very noticeable so I actually need braces so bad! hahahahaha Good luck to us! THis will be all worth it in the end! I’m jealous that you only have yours for a year!

  7. Louise says:

    I actually think your smile is really cute the way it is but you’re rocking those braces for sure! Hope the time goes quickly for you.

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