122nd: Fil-Can Camp Meeting 2012

I haven’t blogged in a while so I’ll be talking a lot in this post, just a heads up for you guys. What made me missed blogging for few day? Honestly, I don’t remember! I think it was because my mom was here the whole week so I had to stay home and just hung out with her. I also had couple of check-ups (health wise) that I went to and I’ll be telling you more about it in few more days! I’m stoked! When I said I’m stoked, that means it will be a good thing so don’t worry too much! lol

Another reason was… should I tell you or should I not? HAHA. It was the time of the month(too much info for a blog I know)! The thing though is I really want to rant on how I hate dressing up while I have.. yeah! Two reasons (or more). First, I just don’t like how it feels. I think all girls agree on this.  I told you before that I like those bodycon (fitted) dresses so it’s always a hassle wearing loose or baggy clothes! I think the number one reason though is… you know us girls, we tend to gain weight while we’re on that time of the month! The weight though is just water weight since our body is retaining water for homeostasis since we’re losing blood which is a volume as well. I know there’s more perfect or thorough explanation for this but that’s the simplest way to explain it I guess. So our “puson” or the lower tummy tends to “look bigger” or for me, I really feel and look bloated. Isn’t our body so amazing? Everytime I study Anatomy and Physiology, I’m always amazed on how mighty and great our God is of creating our bodies which is beyond any science can make.

Speaking of how great our God is I think I should talk about my outfit post first before I talk more since I know I’ll be saying a lot (nope, I haven’t even started). lol

Do you guys still remember my bustier top from the oh-so-famous post (char!) the Must-have-petticoat-skirt post? When I was taking photos I realized that I have worn this top once and I’ve told you before that I still have lots to show you so I’m trying to avoid blogging the same dress/top/skirt or whatever it is twice! No second time until I finish wearing all clothes I have on my closet. That’s also the same thing I’m telling myself everytime I’m tempted to shop! lol

I guess though, it’s okay since I was wearing a short and fluffy petticoat on that post. On this one, I’ll be posting a maxi sheer skirt with slits on the sides. I think it’s sooo sexy! 😉

I look prego on this photo but who cares. The skirt is size small so it’s pretty big on me. You know I’m petite so I tried to pull all the loose waist band then kinda tuck it in at front of the wide belt f(if that makes sense or maybe, if I explained it correctly lol).

What do you think? I really love the skirt sooo much! I got it from H&M when they had their sale months ago so I can’t remember the price. I’m sorry. lol

Since I’m Filipino, I always try to do wacky poses at the end of my photos… wacky or JUMP SHOT!!!  Well, obviously I chose the latter just to emphasize my slits.


So now you guys may be wondering where I took all these photos. You know me, I always tell you what I did for the day or where I went to give you more idea of how my day/s went.

“To Live, To Love, To Serve”

That was our “theme” for our 10th Filipino-Canadian Adventist Camp meeting that was held just this weekend. So yes, it was just 3 hours ago. I just got home actually. lol Every year we go to Foothills Camp in Bowden Alberta for the gathering of all the Adventist Filipinos in Alberta. It’s usually a 3-day event but others go a day earlier to play any sports. I’ve been going since 2006… so I’ve been there, 7 times? Lots of memories on that place! lol

This year though, I’ve noticed that there were waaayyy less people than the previous years. It didn’t bother us though because I think everyone of us enjoyed the camping! I was really moved by Pastor Aguilar’s sermons – Baaadventist and I Love Prostitutes. Pastor Charles Aguilar is a youth pastor from British Columbia. I will talk more about what he preached about on another posts but the sermons were about Esther and Tamar… these Bible characters were bad examples for God’s people, but in the end they teach us that God can use anyone… that even a badventist or bad Christian can save God’s people. Very touching, right? We have to admit… it is sooo hard to forget what a person was based on what we heard from other people… we also are not forgiving people! We say we forgive you, but the truth is…. we don’t. We don’t forget. I’m just touched how God is so forgiving and merciful that He can do all these.

Second reason why I love going to this camp meeting other than the sermons (trueee!), is I LOVE HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS! It’s always nice to hang out with friends and just do some crazy stuff! lol Our youth group is soooo fun to be with especially most of them are guys so they do the craziest thing a person can do! Like trying to do a long jump with just their briefs on or trying to get people wet by trying to throw logs on small water pits.

Well this year, I have to say that most of my old friends/family left the camp early or did not attend so it was a time to hang out with new people. Well, they’re not really new there were only two new attendees – twins! Most of them, we know them for a year or two but just didn’t really get the chance to hang out with them. It’s always fun to eventually realize that a person is nice and very kind. I love that feeling of “satisfaction”. lol

One fact about me, I am more attached with guy friends than girl friends. I think it’s because I had too much drama with girl friends when I was young and even just a year ago (still kinda fresh). lol I think I’m the type of a girl friend that every girl dislikes/ hates and get jealous of, eventually. lol I only have one true best friend here in Calgary (I mean other than my church family) who doesn’t really care what I did wrong or if we don’t really hang out since I’m too busy with my boy – Precious. I am not really good in keeping up with girl friends. That’s the total opposite though when it comes with guys… I’m a guy person. I think it’s because I was just raised by my mom and really wanted to have that boy presence in our house… or may be just because boy friends = NO or LESS drama! Really, my guy friends will tell me straight up if I’m being bitchy or if they don’t tell me… they move on and don’t “create” issues about it. I don’t know. That’s what I really feel.  lol The bad side though is sometimes people (especially these girls (gah) ) thinks I’m a flirt because of that. HA HA HA. pffft girls. lol

Now, let me introduce my friends/families. It’s actually incomplete since I didn’t get the chance to take photos of everybody. Oh well, maybe next time.. next year? lol

Meet Calgary Southside and Metro, and Lethbridge represent!

Saturday afternoon we went for a little walk in the “kagubatan” and tried to look for treasures! lol jk. Oh we were just bored. haha. Anything boring but spending it with friends make it sooo fun to do, right?

That’s us trying to take a decent photo while… doing nothing.

Sorry, but I have to complain again. I think I’m gaining weight!! You know how I’m a weight freak. Anyways, I think I should’ve taken more photos!  Seriously, that was all I took. 😦

I just want to congratulate these four boys for winning our basketball tournament. As what I’ve mentioned above, there were way less people who attended and it’s sad since they didn’t get the chance to play with these guys. I will be looking forward to seeing these four and our team play in an intense game. We may not be the same basketball team, but hey… friends are friends, right? So I will still cheer for them and be “paos” the following day! lol

Well, that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well, as much as I did! Sorry if it took me forever to blog again.. and it’s taking you forever to read all of these! lol.

Thank you for reading! Psttt. I love.. YOU! ❤

2 thoughts on “122nd: Fil-Can Camp Meeting 2012

  1. Awesome photos and outfit!! Love the one of you jumping! Very cool!

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