120th: Colorful sequin dress

I bought this sequin colorful dress months ago and I haven’t worn it since. I bought it from H&M for only $19 even though the colors and the sequins are quite clashing. At first I thought that it was impossible to pull off this dress since, as what I said, I thought I would look like a human disco ball! lol But hey, you know me..I like taking risks when it comes with my outfits.

H&M dress ($19); shoes: JC dupe; bag: H&M ($7)

This dress makes my tanned skin glow! lol I am so tan right now. You can’t see it since I have to edit most of my photos coz sometimes they turn out dark.

I wanted to achieve a party look for this so I rolled the sleeves to make it kinda casual, then also add my JC dupes instead of high heels.

Since I figured out that my tan looks good with the outfit, I went for a nude lipstick (which is uncommon for me to do these days. I’m a pink lipstick lover).

So that’s it! What do you guys think?

Oh my! Summer’s almost over and school’s starting pretty soon! I’m still enjoying this vacation! 😦

Thank you all for reading! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “120th: Colorful sequin dress

  1. kenyaldesigns says:

    Great photos! Bold look but you definitely pull it off! Love it!

  2. I’m lover of all things sequined, and this dress is too fun!

  3. Tey says:

    Aww!! JC Lita. Pengeng isang Lita.. Hahaha!!

    Anyway, haven’t said thanks sa effort mo to give a wedding greetings. Thank you! Nagkaron ng prob so di ko na na-view nevertheless, maraming salamat! More power sa blog. Pag nag garage sale ka ng shoes ako una bibili. :)) Love love!!

  4. Louise says:

    Okay, so if anyone could pull that off, it’s definitely you! Good choice on the lipstick too.

  5. dudubeauty says:

    I love the JC dupes!!!!! and of course no one goes wrong with a little sequin 🙂

  6. Mitzie Mee says:

    I envy your talent for spotting all the good stuff at H&M! That dress is amazing. Real disco diva feeling.

  7. Wow, you really know how to match the dress with the shoes+purse! I love your style, it´s gorgeous!

  8. Melinda says:

    Wow, you really know how to best match the dress with the shoes and purse! I love your style, it´s gorgeous!

  9. Love this look. The shoes are my fav!

    xoxoxo Jess

  10. Disco on, Girl! You look smokin’ and I LOVE your shoes!

  11. vunger13 says:

    I love the sequined dress! Definitely doesn’t clash and the shoes match perfectly. Looks great 🙂

  12. Vivien piersanti says:

    Looking Good!

  13. You seriously need to be a model! Your pics are great!

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