117th: Short hair

People ask me if how much time I spend blogging… well, let me tell you the truth. It doesn’t take a lot of time. I’m not one of those – spell check and grammar check person- so it doesn’t really take a lot of my time. Once I get the photos, I just have to edit some of them then that’s it. I don’t even proofread what I just wrote. I think it’s because this is a fashion blog? If this is one of those poems or inspirational blogs (which I really love reading) then maybe I will try my very best to write it in a more formal way. But nah, I think I’ve done enough essays in nursing school! πŸ˜‰

For my today’s outfit…

Some sneak peak.

Does anybody know what you call this dress or whatever it is? Haha. I actually think it’s a top but since I’m too short, then it is a tunic or a dress for me. lol

Oh, nevermind the puffiness of my eyes and those dark circles! 😦

dress: Zara (from $99 to $19); necklace: Zara; shoes: DAS Philippines (Php3500)

Other than my fabulous dress, have you noticed anything “new” with this post? MY HAIR!!! I badly want to cut my hair short, but I know that I will cry once I do it! lol So, I just made that illusion that I have a short hair. Like it?

My hair is dead right now, so I need to do some hair treatment for sure… and dye it! That’s the problem with having your hair colored, you have to do it every 3 months!

Don’t you love this horsey swing?! I think it is so cute! lol

Well, that’s it! I went to Zara today and check if they still have sale items, and they actually do! If you’re medium to XXL, then you should visit Zara! The prices now are sooo low – ranging from $9 to $30! Also, the shoes are sooo cheap now! I’m so sad coz most of the shoes are size 8 and above! 😦 Nevertheless, you should visit the newly renovated Zara Calgary! I like it so much since I feel it’s so classy going in there – just the same feeling when I go to Zaras in the Philippines!

Thank you guys for reading! Love you all!

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16 thoughts on “117th: Short hair

  1. I LOVE the tunic/dress! It is so gorgeous and goes perfectly with your shoes. Love everything about it! x

  2. thelookes says:

    yes, I think it’s a top-dress hahah. It also could be kind of a mexican “poncho”, I don’t know the word in english, I hope that you know what I mean, but it gives you an azteca feeling. Amazing shoes and necklace as well!

  3. fashuhnsuki says:

    I love your shoes! The tunic is super gorg!

  4. hang says:

    I’m so happy you found my blog because of it, I found and LOVE your blog! It’s so exciting and fun to see all of your beautiful and chic outfits, you are so gorgeous!!! It’s a happy day for me, I really really love your blog! Beauty blogger by day and nurse by night!

  5. alyknowsbest says:

    LOVE this look! The tunic, shoes and necklace really go well with your fierce new hair! I always say go short to girls, it’s face framing and makes any outfit look polished. Great job risk taking!


    • Thank you! Yes! I really want to cut my hair! I had a bob cut before and it took forever to grow it out that’s why I’m too scared to cut my hair again! 😦 lol such a kid. lol

  6. I have just discovered your blog! ^^Amazing pictures!
    I will see it again for sure!

    AdriΓ  Machado
    Bear Your Fashion

  7. 2kdb2 says:

    What a beautiful and unusual woven top–never seen anything like it!

  8. Vivien Veil says:

    You’re beautiful!!!

  9. mademoisellediy says:

    I like your hair when it’s short πŸ™‚


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