116th: Barocco print

Summer’s almost over and I feel like I haven’t done anything I’ll be proud of finishing or doing. Well, I’ve finished watching a Korean drama – Boys Over Flowers, but other than that… I haven’t accomplished anything really. I have no job since I want to just stay home with my little one. I can work as a Nursing Aid already or an Undergrad Nurse but… naaah. Let Dale do his father responsibilities. lol

I’ve been to different places this summer though. Actually I just came home yesterday from our camping. We went to Kananaskis and camped there for 3 days. It was a lot of fun playing Mafia with our friends. I’m sure my little boy also had fun even though it was freezing cold at night! 3 more weeks til my school starts again and I’m thinking of things to do. What should I do?!?! lol

My outfit of the day is just very simple. I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing dresses for the past month so I decided to wear my trousers – OH IT WAS SO HOT!

bodice: Motel Rocks ASOS ($19); pants: Urban Outfitters; necklace and shoes: Aldo

This is one of my favorite trousers. As what I have mentioned before, trousers are a must-have for me. I’ve noticed that I have more trousers than jeans.

I love this Barocco print bodysuit I got from ASOS. ASOS is one of my favorite online stores especially when they have up to 70% off sale! Very tempting indeed, but in the end, it is very worth it! LOL

Hopefully I can take more photos tomorrow. I will post more blog-worthy photos for sure! Sorry if I’ve been slacking blogging for the past few weeks. I will resume blogging everyday (hopefully) tomorrow!

Thank you guys for reading!


5 thoughts on “116th: Barocco print

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Still great! When falls here all you’ll need is cute cropped jacket!

  2. thelookes says:

    love it, as usual!xxx

  3. I would never think to put those items together, but it turned out working beautifully together.

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