114th: GOLD DOT x Karmaloop

Hi guys. If you have read my blog since from the beginning, which some of you may have, then you know that one of my favorite websites to shop for lovely shoes is KARMALOOP! Karmaloop carries different brands of shoes which I LOVE, but they also sell clothes, accessories, etc. When you order from Karmaloop, you also get to be a PLNDR member and you get access to their secret sales. I know that since I’ve ordered some of my JC’s from Karmaloop!

Now, Karmaloop gave me more reasons to shop on their site! Karmaloop welcomes GOLD DOT! I was thinking of describing Gold Dot for you guys but I figured that it’s more appropriate that you guys would see it with your own eyes then describe what Gold Dot really is! For me though, I would say…. ORIGINALITY, STYLE, COMFORTABILITY, FILIPINO PRIDE are some of the many wonderful words I think of when I think of Gold Dot.

Here. I will give you a peek before I continue…

Dax Bootie in BLACK $88

I say, GD you had me at that clear acrylic and that pop of blue! 5″ heel and 2″ platform!

Kami Bootie in Black $98

Everytime I look at how cool this looks like… I’m amazed on how creative the designers are! What I really love about Gold Dot compared to other high Filipino shoe brands that I got is the cleanliness and durability of their shoes! This wood for sure will never give scratches – I’ve tried to scratch my other “wooden” shoes from them… and they never disappointed me!

FFT Creeper in Black $82

I know that I have fashionista gay/guy  readers out here and FOR SURE YOU WILL LOVE THIS! Even us girls! Tell me when to start? Go! Platform ponyhair creeper; man-made sole with calfskin leather upper; large silver buckle detail; 2.5″ heel with 2″ platform.

Drei Wedge in White $128 in Karmaloop

When Solestruck had this for the first time, people gone crazy and bought this white version of Drei Wedge and it was sold out immediately! I’m not surprised though! But let me tell you a secret, Solestruck sells this for $99. Also comes in black.

Behemoth Boot $88

If you want layering or having outfits with different textures then I say you should go for this! Faux leather, egyptian suede and a touch of pony hair plus the different geometrical panels that this shoes offeres – you cannot go wrong with this!

Karl Slingback $98

I HAVE THIS! I’m just too proud to tell the whole world that I have this pair! Here let me show you a photo.

One of my coolest shoes ever! They’re also verrrryyy comfortable! I can go from casual and this shoes will give that statement you want, but I can also wear it for formal events!


If you’re currently owning an online shoe store and you want to sell some GD, what I’ve seen so far is that GD has created shoes that are exclusive for those sellers! Remember that Paige booties that are exclusive for Solestruck? Well, meet this color contrast pink neon and black heel-less only available at KARMALOOP!


They still offer different styles of shoes so please visit Karmaloop’s website (CLICK HERE)!

Since I’ve noticed that I’ve gained readers from different parts of the world, I thought of just posting this! You may have noticed that I don’t post product reviews anymore since I don’t like to create conflicts with sellers – since I’m an honest person and I will say if you product is bull (lol) but this is an exception!

Karmaloop doesn’t offer free shipping (except for US sometimes) BUT one thing I LOVE THE MOST about Karmaloop is their promo codes which can let you save HUNDREDS! Go to their Promo code tab and you’ll see all these promo codes that you can use when you purchase items from them! Promo codes work on every shoes except the exclusive ones such as the Ultima shoes!

I love the originality! I think that’s how GD gets me! You know much I loved my Litas before but I realized that I can’t have the same Litas but with different colors! lol What I love about GD is that they surprise me everytime I see a new design – new concepts! They’re not just… heel-less! Oh come one! Heel-less is getting too common now! Uniqueness is different and GD constantly gives me that impression!

Have you seen their flats?! Some of their flats are available on Solestruck but visit their site for these wonderful flats! I swear, I WILL BUY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM when I go to the Philippines! They’re so cheap but very comfortable and durable!

GOLD DOT’s website


Oh, they also do customized shoes for any event such as weddings, concerts, or if you just want to have that uniqueness!

So maybe you can buy a pair and tell me the experience of having that out-of-the-world shoes?!

Guys, please reblog this if it’s okay and spread the word! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “114th: GOLD DOT x Karmaloop

  1. Lolli says:

    Hala, ang gaganda nga ng shoes nila Mags. Parang gusto ko tuloy bumili. XD

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    I am not a fan of the chunckirs above, but the flats, yes, I’d wear every single one of those too. 🙂

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