111th: GOODBYE BLOG (?)

I can’t get enough of skater dresses, skater skirts… and yes paisley print! OH c’mon, I should stop fooling you guys. I can’t get enough of SALE ITEMS! lol I found this dress at H&M for $20 and I was so excited to buy it! It was such a cute dress! I love how it fits perfectly, especially for a short person like me. Oh yes, the print is the exact same thing as my trousers (in this post) but the fabric is different. It’s more on the better quality! lol that’s all I can say since I don’t know anything about fabrics!

For the location of these photos, we have decided to go to Fishcreek Park. Enough of the talking, let’s look at the lovely pictures that my husband took!

I loved the stones!

Lovely view and lovely girl! CHOS!!!!

Oooh! I think this is my favorite shot! 😉

But I like this one as well! hahah. 😉 I just love how my hair looks so nice and so “brown” here!

Here’s the last one! The “let-me-extend-my-other-leg” photo! lol

Now, let me share something. You know why I was skipping blogging for 2 days or more? haha. I was kinda preparing you guys for my last week of blogging. For those who don’t know (which is almost everyone of you guys), this blog will not be existing without the support of my photographer – my husband. So without him, no photos.. and without no photos… there’s no blog. Duh.

He was about to leave the province for a job offer at Fort Mcmurray! It was a very nice offer, financial wise. I don’t want him to leave us but I cannot force him to stay if that’s his dream, right? Or maybe I can since I’m the wife (gah)! If you’re asking why don’t I just come with him? Well,  I can’t leave Calgary since I’m still studying. Oh no, I will never leave Mount Royal University (MRU BABY!) since they’re so nice! I think I’ve mentioned before that I got $6k last year + another $1K which was a year of free tuition. This year… well, I didn’t want to tell anyone especially my family because they will ask me where the money is.. JUST KIDDING MA (she’ll be reading this), but MRU offered me.. well, it’s lesser than that amount… but also a large.. very large amount. That’s why I can’t leave MRU! Well, actually the biggest reason is I’ve gained friends and I love the instructors and I love their Nursing program!

Okay. I should cut this. No, I’m not leaving MRU. I’m not going to stop my blog either because Dale is not leaving!!!!! God is so good that he got an offer here in Calgary just TODAY! God answers prayers! It was just amazing since he ‘s supposed to leave early next week!

So nope! NOOOO “goodbye blog”. Sorry if I was being too dramatic!lol

Have a wonderful weekend! Party hard! 😉

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12 thoughts on “111th: GOODBYE BLOG (?)

  1. Danica Mae says:

    Super happy. Yehey! Hindi ka mag gogoodbye sa blog.

  2. Ianne Pejic says:

    Yipee! 🙂
    You just dont know how you inspire with me with ur blog. :))
    more power sayo, sa family mo, studies and of course, sa iyong VLOGelya… :))

  3. aimee lynn says:

    i love that beautiful paisley dress!

  4. Simply Feli says:

    I did get a little sad reading towards the end of the blog, but yes God is so good and faithful! I’m glad your husband can stay and you can continue to study! Great dress too, but the shoes did it for me! *love love love*

  5. melaniegoss says:

    where to purchage your dresses that i like each one… your dress of sense is very fantastic and marvelous… i love your fashion….
    Womens Lifestyle Magazine

    Thanks for sharing…..

  6. Vivien piersanti says:

    Dale is a great fashion photographer and you are a beautiful model and interesting writer. I especially loved these pictures.

  7. kimterest says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. They are perfect with the dress!

  8. Lavy says:

    hey, I had bought exactly the same dress in March:)
    very nice indeed for short girls
    I wouldn’t match it with the same accesories but still great dress!

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