109th: The last part of Stampede

Here are some of the photos I took during Stampede. We went to Stampede four times this year but was not able to take a lot of photos for some reasons (yes, my camera’s battery died or I forgot to bring the camera) lol.

Stampede is truly the greatest outdoor show on earth! There were programs, concerts, free breakfasts, evening shows, lots of rides and games, and lots of drunk people (JUST KIDDING but half true lol)! You know Calgary’s winter sucks that people just want to leave the city but during Stampede, not only Canadians from different provinces come to experience the fun, but also people from other countries! So if you’re planning to visit Calgary, make sure that you come during the Stampede week!

There were a lot of booths that were selling accessories, but this one is my fave! It was pretty expensive, but it was beautifully made!

Oh isn’t this fun?! Too bad, I don’t know how to do this!

Last Wednesday was the Kid’s day where you can bring children 12 years and below between 6-9 and get free admission. I brought 5 of my friends so we saved a lot of money! That was the time I forgot my camera! Since it was free admission anyways, we also went that night to see the 11pm fireworks the Stampede has every night1

I was so happy that it was not cold that night! I was surprised that I could wear a bandeau dress without getting cold! lol

What I wanted to show you really is my new Skater dress that I got from Zara’s sale. It was 20-ish I think? I forgot! lol

Yes, it was a 3/4 sleeved. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was baby pink-ish. I really do not know the color of the dress.

I would love the dress to be a little shorter since I felt it was too long! lol

I used that orange and green beads necklace instead of the silver choker that I originally wore since I wanted to add colors to the outfit!

I added accesories that I bought from the Stampede. I mixed some neon and bright colors to the dress since it was really a simple dress.

Overall though, I think it turned out good. You know how minimalist I am with my outfits. I loved the dress so much since it was 3/4 sleeved and also it had a deep cut at the back which I forgot to take a picture. It was an open back, so it was kinda conservative when you first look at it, but the back brings sexiness to it! oooh lala.

Well, that’s my Stampede experience! You still have 2 more days if you decide that you want to visit Calgary. I’m done though since I won’t be here on Sunday and I have to go somewhere tomorrow. This year was the most memorable Stampede for me especially that I got to listen to Simple Plan perform! It was really fun I tell you. I will post some pictures but forgive the low quality of the iPhone photos. lol

20120714-011449.jpg20120714-011409.jpgThat’s it guys. Thank you so much for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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One thought on “109th: The last part of Stampede

  1. yes its baby pinkish nd i love it,,the dress i mean lol..looks like a fun event hey..glad you enjoyed

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