107th: White jumpsuit

If you feel that black is just too common already for an outfit, and you can’t take the “clown-like” look that color blocking can bring, then I suggest you just go with a very simple but neat and chic color – white! White makes you look fresh and clean especially with a 35 degree celsius weather like Calgary had today! The worse part is I wasn’t even sweating because Calgary’s sunny days are too dry!

Other than maxi dresses and skirts, one of my favs is jumpsuits! They’re very easy to dress up plus they make me look taller than my usual height! lol So white jumpsuit for me is a must have!

As you may have noticed, I’m extra tan now! lol

When I took the pictures, it was super windy that my eyes became watery so sorry if my eyes look “sleepy” on the next photos.

If you want to look tall, then don’t put any belt. For me though, I wanted to add some “texture” to my outfit so I added a rope. Yes, a rope!

If you want to add more texture, then just do fold your pants and roll it in to add some volume.

You can also add a white blazer.

Then you can just add some color… as what I did with my shoes and accessory.

jumpsuit: Zara (from $69 to $59); blazer: Forever21 ($45); shoes: Aldo

I got my jumpsuit from the recent Zara sale! I just knew I had to grab it right away! lol

Well, that’s it! Hope you guys are enjoying your day! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “107th: White jumpsuit

  1. looks like an angel lol…

  2. I love this look so much Maggie!! It’s so clean but with a twist–colorful accessories and shoes… which actually popped!!!!!!!! I love it! :”>


  3. Love the shots!!! and again….the geeli-SHOES … 🙂

  4. Tiny Micia says:

    Looking lush 🙂 Loving the look

  5. Love the white jump-suit and how u hav added color with blue accessories:)

  6. I LOVE jumpsuits! I feel like it’s hard to find one that fits petite sizes. That necklace is amazing too!

  7. Simply Feli says:

    White is definitely the new black! Okay maybe I can be stoned by fashionistas for saying that, but girl you look good!!

  8. You have so many awesome shoes! i love it!

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