106th: Aqua Herzigova Origami Metallic Bandeau Mini Dress

My hands are so tired from all the wrapping of spring rolls, cutting of our home-made gluten, etc. that I had to do with my church friends. Our church participates at this yearly Food Fair of the Alberta Camp Meeting and since my aunt is the head of the group, I’m kinda forced to help her. HAHA. I don’t normally like cutting and dong all these stuff, but with friends doing it with you, it can end up to be so fun! Oh and my girl friends and I are having a name for our group – we are the “THE NIGHTINGALE”. Yes, we are all nurses! hahaha.

Anyways, I can’t get enough of the peplum craze that’s been going around for months now but since I already have a favorite peplum dress, I was looking for a different style but kinda has the same style. hahaha. That was so confusing! lol I was so thrilled when I saw this Origami dress from Aqua! For those who don’t know, Aqua is a RTW line but more on the high-end brand of clothing. We don’t have Aqua in Canada, in Calgary for sure, so I bought it online! I was kinda happy but kinda pissed at the same time when I found out that UK 6 is still kinda big for me! Big not long. I am a UK4 which is a US 0!So for those who are going to buy me something, that’s my dress size! lol

Now to my outfit… Oh ignore my sudden weight gain! Blame Stampede! lol

Can you see the Origami detail?Sooo cute!

I lvoe the style and of course the fabric!Very different from other clothing line!

dress: Aqua Herzigova Origami Metallic Bandeau Mini Dress (from $250 to $50)

I also chose my black and gold shoes from DAS and my gold sequin blazer from UO!

Well, that’s it really! Some people would say that you should avoid mixingdifferent textures with the same color in one outfit… but I honestly think that they do look good especially with the “proper attitude”! lol

So what do you think about my dress? I love the style and how much saving I had! lol

Thank you guys for reading!

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10 thoughts on “106th: Aqua Herzigova Origami Metallic Bandeau Mini Dress

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Fabulous outfit!

  2. T-a-d-a-n-a says:

    love how you styled the dress ❤

  3. pokkybkk says:

    Your shoes is Phenomenon!

  4. Bea says:

    Stunning outfit!! Just want to ask what’s your religion?

  5. I’m really jealous of your shoes collection, haha

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