105th: Calgary Stampede

This post is 2 days late since Calgary Stampede started last Friday. I will just show you the photos I took during the stampede parade and some photos of the stampede itself and why it’s called the greatest outdoor show on earth!

Take a look at the different styles and color combinations that were used by the participants. 🙂

RED + other colors

 BLUE + other colors


THE SEXYYYY Calgary Flames Cheerleaders!

Now to entertain the kids!

Different culture presentations




Our heroes!

Different cultures… again.

I took so much photos but it would take a lot of space (and time) to post them here, so this is just a part. If you’re planning to go to Calgary, then you should go around July to experience Stampede!

Since I’m getting too lazy to organize them, here are the OTHER photos. lol

Calgary Downtown was closed. App. thousands of people attended the parade!
After the parade, we went to the actual Stampede thing. My son is already 3 and he appreciates the rides now compared to before.
See the line up? It was sooo long (10x this line up). We were at the very back.
But since the main reason why we went to Stampede was because of my son, we basically just stayed at the Kids Midway to enjoy the different rides.
Oh wait. Well if you wanna see what I wore that day… here it is. I just wore a romper since it was the comfiest. Okay. I’ll be honest. We had to wake up early to catch the parade so I didn’t get the time to really think of my outfit. hahaha. Oh well. Maybe next time! hahaha
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2 thoughts on “105th: Calgary Stampede

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    Thanks for sharing……

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