103rd: The bikini post problem

It was a lovely day! HELLO SUN, finally you’re here! I hope you stay for a while because I enjoy your company. Haha. Yes, I’m talking to the sun. Weirdo?! 😀

Since it was a very sunny and lovely day, my family went to the lake to bond and also to get tanned. Haha. That was not an Asian thing, you know. Most Filipinos hate the sun. We cover ourselves because we want to get “fair”. HAHA. I wanted to have a new image for summer though. I want to get a tan… oooh. We’ll see how it goes.

I want to be honest with you. When I was still single, I always looked forward to summer. It’s a girl thing. I think every girl understands what I’m talking about. You know.. two piece, with our abs (or AB – jsut one big bump lol) exposed, taking photos with our girls… you know? lol Okay guys, we girls don’t expose our bodies just to impress you, okay? I just want to make that clear. Why do we need to impress you anyways? It doesn’t also mean that if I expose myself wearing bikinis then I’m a slut. People should know that. *ehem* Filipino culture *ehem*. It doesn’t also mean that if I post photos of me wearing a bikini (like here in my blog), then I want guys to look at my body. Nope. Some people say that “your body should be private”, I say “you need to shut up and mind your own business.” It’s a personal preference. I don’t give a fruit bar if you want to hide your body so don’t mind my preference. Please don’t hate, just appreciate… my sexiness. Thanks! (Oha oha)

Well, you may be asking then “why do you need to expose your body, and blog about it, and take photos…” blah blah blah. My dear, other than the reason of “Canada has 9 months of cold to very cold weather in which I cover myself and dress layers and summer is the only time my tummy can get a tan”, it’s simply because I have the right to. Oh and I want to.

The real reason why though? I’m a girl. I still am a girl. I still want to look good.

You know us mothers, we did not only sacrifice going to the bar or having a shopping day with friends, or going out every night when we decided to have a family and to have children, we also sacrificed our beautiful bodies. You don’t know how pregnancy changes a girl’s body… saggy-ish boobs, flabby arms, big thighs, cellulites, oh and please say hello to our stretch marks! You might say that “you’re skinny” or “the other girl I know is still hot”, oh trust me girl (or boy) there’s been a change! It wasn’t just like it used to be! It will never be, unless we spend thousands of dollars getting a boob job, or a tummy tuck. You might say, “then they should exercise”. Oh sorry dear it’s not that easy, your mom is too busy feeding you when you were a baby and changing your stinky diapers, making you burp so you don’t feel gassy, etc.!

But mothers don’t mind! We don’t care! I don’t care if my tummy or my thighs look like a map (what my husband calls it because of stretch marks). I don’t care if I have all those I have mentioned above even though I used to be sooo sexy when I was still single (lol oh c’mon you know I’m going to say that eventually 😉 ). We just don’t care. People say that giving birth hurts. I say, the changes after giving birth hurts! Changes in financial aspect, our emotional, our mental, but also physical.

You might say “why is it a big deal?!”. Oh child. It is a big deal! You know why you’re here? Your dad saw something.. when he saw your mom, that’s why they had you. Well, of course other than the other aspects, physical attraction is always there (can be eyes, nose… chests).

I remember reading one comment from a teenage mom from a parenthood website, “I’m only 21, but I have boobs of a 70-year-old woman.” That’s true. Well, mine’s about on 30’s maybe, NOT 70! AHAHAHAH. But every time I look at his beautiful face, every time I remember how cute he is or how he makes me smile, I ‘m ready to sacrifice the body that my used-to-be boyriend and now a husband went gaga for! lol Every girl can bear a child, but not every girl can be called a mother.

Mothers already had the hard time raising their kids and having no time for themselves, their bodies may have changed… but please… allow us to wear two-piece, without you judging us… without you saying “but you have a kid already”.

Now to my outfit… LMFAO.

bandeau top and printed bottom bikini from Victoria Secret.

All photos are taken by… THE SELF-TIMER since my husband didn’t want to take photos for me. Anti-swimsuit?!

I don’t expect everyone to understand my point because I know only mothers will do, especially young moms. Oh we miss those flat-tummy days. But as what I said, every single stretch mark strand, IS WORTH IT!

Well, thank you Dale though for constantly telling me I’m sexy. haha. Guys, girls need to hear that. Even though they had the changes already, they need to hear that you still find them attractive!

So yeah, that’s my advice! Take a lot of photos of you wearing a bikini when your body still looks perfect because eventually it won’t be… and it always feel great to reminisce good memories.

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28 thoughts on “103rd: The bikini post problem

  1. K. says:

    I’m Filipino but I don’t hate the sun, in fact I love it! haha 🙂 and, you still have a great body dont worry! I am loving your blog! 🙂

    • That’s nice! I love Filipinos who don’t hate the sun not like the majority of the Filipinos out there! Summer’s the season to get a really nice tan line!

      Thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot! 🙂

  2. You look great and being a mom makes you and your personality even more beautiful!

  3. Hi Maggie, I think you look terrific! You have a fun blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Have a great day! ~Patricia

  4. If you want to post pics of you in ur pretty bikini, then I say “you go girl” !! It’s ur blog, so do whatever you please!! 🙂

  5. Beauty Temptress says:

    You look amazing! And thank you for following my blog 🙂

  6. KaKa says:

    You are absolutely stunning! Beautiful! I’m slightly jealous of that bikini bod too! 😀

    • I bet you have a more gorgeous body than I do! But as what I said, whatever body shape you have, we girls have the right to wear whatever, and flaunt our body whatever other people may think or say! hahaha go girl!

  7. Taliah says:

    So cute! Love your bathing suit!!!


  8. thelookes says:

    completely agree with you about showing your body in sumer just because you want!

  9. What fun that you popped over and are following along on my adventures in the Netherlands – and just as fun to pop back over here. (: I love your eye for colour combinations! Keep it up, lady.

  10. Ahh I love this post! Women shouldn’t have to cover themselves in fear of men looking at them, or society’s mentality created by men that exposing that much skin automatically makes you a slut. Every woman should be encouraged to be confident about their body! We dress for ourselves, not anyone else.

    • I totally agree with everything you’ve said! I just hate the fact that we always have to remind the society about this! Yes, that’s true – “we deress for ourselves,not anyone else.”

  11. 040788 says:

    LIKE! :))

  12. Tiny Micia says:

    True True True !! Words of wisdom 🙂 lol!!! You look awesome!

  13. Vivien piersanti says:

    You are very pretty in your bikini. Only young once!

  14. Very good advice… and you look awesome, sweetie!

    It’s our bodies… we should be able to do what we want… to make ourselves feel good… for our self esteem. When will society ‘get’ that we’re not showing a tummy or long, tanned legs for some immature jerk to ‘get off’ on. When we feel good about our bodies, why can’t we just express that without some narrow-minded idiots automatically thinking ‘slut’.

    As fashionlobster says… “we dress for ourselves… no one else!”

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Veronica Marie

    • Sorry for the very late reply! I appreciate it a lot!

      I totally agree on what you said! I feel good and that’s what matters. I don’t care what you think about me. I just hope that people are not narrow-minded.

      That’s what I’ve learned especially now that I’m blogging. I do not care about how others say that I dress “weird”. I want to be unique.

      Thank you very much for visiting my page! ❤ ❤

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