102nd: Orange plus paisley print

Let me do some sharing here. lol First of all, I want to apologize to all my friends who I haven’t seen for quite some time now. I know that it’s summer and I’m supposed to hang out with you guys. You know when you’re a mom and a wife, you always have that feeling of “guilt” when you go out with your friends and leave your family especially your child at home. lol When was the last time I went out without my son? Hmm. June 11! It lasted for less than 2 hrs! lol Everywhere I go, I bring him/them. To be honest, sometimes I want to go out just by myself. You know, just hang out with friends. But you know what? I’m much happier when my son is around. HAHA. I think that’s the reason why I love my church friends because they know that we always have to bring my son so we always try to choose a child-friendly place. I don’t want to miss any important day in my son’s life so I always have to be around him especially now that I’m off from school. When school starts, I know I would be very busy so I should spend quality time with him now. 😉 Again, sorry guys. lol

Okay, enough with the drama. Now to my outfit.

So we went to Chinook this afternoon just to check if there’s anything new. lol Well, you know what? haha. It’s really a good thing that I have friends who are very willing to share with me some “secrets”. lol I’ll keep you posted.

You will see that I’m just sitting on these photos. There were a lot of people so I didn’t want to stand and smile for the camera. Even though I take a lot of pictures in public, I still feel that “awkwardness”. lol

shorts: H&M ($15); top: UO; blazer: H&M ($20)

I got my new shorts from the still-on-going sale in H&M! I love H&M! very cheap yet the quality is still very good!

Here’s a standing photo so you can see my new shorts! lol It has a paisley print with girlish color (remember my “what makes a goo wife post” in which I wore trousers with this print but in color blue?). It’s also high-waisted so it’s lovely!!

Since I was already playing with a lot of colors, I’ve decided to just wear my nude platforms from Das.(Das 12 Philippines Php, 3500)

Well, that’s it guys! Since it’s summer, I encourage you guys to play with colors! Also, live life to the fullest! Have some day for yourself, day with your friends, but also quality time with your family! Family first more than anything or anyone, right?


I love how neat and how my hair turned out. I was too lazy to curl it, so I just did a high bun. LOVED IT!

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39 thoughts on “102nd: Orange plus paisley print

  1. loram says:

    whoaa my DAS were 499 more!

    • Oh that’s the same as my black one! They chard 500 more when they made more quantities coz they said the varnish was supposed to be better. So wala “dapat” gasgas. 😀

  2. Love the proportions and colors, and of course the shoes!

  3. You have some really really great outfits! Following:)

  4. CinZilicious says:

    Love this look and those colorful print shorts! You’re right, i love the high bun hair do=)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. Thanx for the comment on my blog:)I love ur shorts:) n I love H&M like u:)

  6. Whooaaa~ I love your style!! So outstanding and fashionable :D! Got to follow you XD!!!

  7. Mitzie Mee says:

    I really love your paisley shorts!! Where did you get them? I have only succeeded in tracking down a couple of paisley patterned scarves in Copenhagen..

  8. Glor says:

    loving the look, especially your hair! gorgeous!!! xoxoGlor

  9. thelookes says:

    incredible look!!! we are so jelous too! following!xxx

  10. I love your shorts and jacket and shoes…. ok, I just love your whole outfit! So chic! I also don’t have a child (yet!) but I would feel the same about not wanting to miss a moment unless I had to (because of work, school, etc.) I’m sure your friends understand! Hope you are having a great Wednesday! xo Amber

    • I hope they do! I just had to blog about it since I know thatI owe them a lot! hahaha. I’m glad you liked my whole outfit! I actually was amazed of how it turned out in the end. thank you for appreciating my efforts!!

  11. astyledaze says:

    Love it! How do you walk in those?! I’d probably fall over! Loving the blazer, too! H&M is one of my favorite stores; I always find something when I go in there 🙂

    • People kept asking me the question. I was actually asking the same question before I bought it, so I decided to try my friend’s and it was SO COMFORTABLE! H&M really has good items!! I love going there!

  12. audrina1759 says:

    You have really nice style.I like .

  13. Taliah says:

    Love this outfit! I need these shorts in my life! The colors go great together!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come again! xoxo


  14. shiroknowes says:

    Loved your shoes and how you stood on the photos, natural and spontanious !!!

  15. 040788 says:

    i so love the outfit! but your hair is disturbing.
    im still a fan though. 🙂

  16. itsinthesky says:

    Gorgeous, love your style!

  17. eleonore mosimann says:

    I love this outfit so much!!!!


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