98th: The lazy outfit

It’s dark and quite chilly outside since it’s been raining for hours already. I am amazed when people post on their Facebook that they like rain… nope, that’s not the case for me. I’ve had enough rain when I was in the Philippines! lol Filipinos there especially farmers hate typhoon season since they can’t plant crops, thus having decreased income. When it rains, it pours… LITERALLY! Oh yeah, it floods. In some cases floods til the roof of their houses. -sigh- I have to admit though that when I was a student in the Philippines I was looking forward to rainy seasons. I would always watch the television before I leave the house to check if school is suspended. When I came to Canada though, I always looked forward to snow day! lol

Now, here’s my outfit…

Since it was a lazy day, then I just put on a lazy outfit. Very simple – just sheer top then pencil skirt.

top: Forever 21($17); skirt: Zara (from $39 to $11); shoes: Aldo (from $140 to $70)

I was also too lazy to put make-up on so I decided to wear my leopard shades.

Girls, and boys, we have to wear shades even though it’s not sunny outside. I hate when Dale laughs at me when I wear my shades even though it’s not sunny. DUH. UV rays present even without the sunlight! I don’t want to have early sign of aging (WRINKLES) especially I can see that I have that on my genes *ehem* mom *ehem*

Nude sheer tops are a must-have for me since it’s so easy to pair with any bottom – whether skirt, pants, jeans, skinnies, whatever!

Since I wanted that lazy look again, I unzipped the first two buttons (which you can’t even see in the photos), tuck JUST THE FRONT of the shirt then untuck the back. I also folded the sleeves of my shirt.

Well, that’s it guys! Hope that I gave you another idea. This is good for that first date, when you want to show some “conservative-ness” but adds some spice in it!

Thank you guys for reading! ❤


I just want to say hi to my avid reader Danica! I missed you! ❤

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4 thoughts on “98th: The lazy outfit

  1. Acy says:

    lovin’ the new website design!! 🙂

  2. Danica Mae says:

    Helloo!! Im here, We don’t have internet connection since yesterday and I have class na, pero I still check your blog pa rin after school if it has new post 😉

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