97th: The little black mesh dress

It’s pretty late already but I want to blog first before this day ends. The reason actually for this late post is that I was trying for the sun to set, but since it’s summer it was already 9pm but it wasn’t dark yet.

My friends have asked me many times to do a “night-out look”. Well, I don’t know about you guys but I always think of “little black dress” for a night out. I think of black dresses as a basic clothing for every women. Every women needs a black dress. Since it’s black, you can do whatever and you will still look good. It will be easy to accessorize the outfit plus it will give you a slimmer look. Who doesn’t want that?! The “little” part adds sexiness to it. lol

Here’s my take on a black dress. Since this is me, I chose that “sexy times 4” approach when choosing a black dress. lol

1. The mesh that goes ’til the side of the dress. I know what you’re thinking. HAHAHHAHA. I was wearing… okay?! lol

2. Mesh back

3. One -shoulder

4. …and the “little” part.

Have you noticed that I try to post what my make-up was for that outfit as well? I do that to give you ideas as well on how you would style the whole look. It’s not just about the clothes, we have to remember the hair, the make-up, and of course the projection – the attitude! lol

Oh wait, don’t forget the shoes! If you know that you are doing a lot of standing (and dancing for some), then of course we have to wear something very comfortable. If you want to have the height that you want but not sacrificing comfortability then always go for wedges or platforms. I love wedges though because they’re stable… you can run with them!

I chose my Gold Dot wedges since it doesn’t only give you comfortability, it’s so chic!!! Everybody would be looking at you! C’mon, every girl wants to be a “head-turner”. lol

Well, that’s it guys! Thank you all for reading!

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6 thoughts on “97th: The little black mesh dress

  1. Simply Feli says:

    Firstly. YES! Every woman needs a little black dress in their wardrobe, it’s the sole starting point for many of my going out pieces! It’s like a blank canvas to rework how you like. Secondly. That dress is on fire, and the shoes were awesome. Great outfit!

  2. Erin says:

    Where did you buy the dress?

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