96th: The red sheer pants

Hello guys. What are you guys doing this weekend? I’m catching up on the Filipino dramas that I have missed for the past few days. Oh my goodness, they’re so intense! lol I’ve realized things though… Filipino dramas basically have the same story – spouse dies and exes get back together, someone gets amnesia, or there’s a bomb, why are they all the same?! Tsk tsk. Korean dramas on the other hand are so cute but sometimes very sad. I love Korean dramas! I think all Filipinos do! Go to the Philippines and you’ll see these all Korean wanna-bes. Anyways, let’s talk about my outfit.

I mentioned on my last blog that we were going to Sikome lake, so yeah, we went there and enjoyed the rest of the day. It was a very fun day except when my son just drowned because he got bullied by these around-8-year-old kids. Well, not really drowned, but while walking he tripped with his face first and it was pretty deep for his height. Good thing the kids helped him. You wanna know where Dale and I were?! I was panicking the whole time that I froze while Dale was running to rescue him.

Okay this time, really, let’s talk about my outfit..

top: Forever21 ($16); bottom: sheer pants American Apparel ($40); high waisted bikini bottom: American Apparel

The red pants…

And of course the sand shot. I will be doing a lot of this style for my next outfit photos so you better be ready. lol

I love the sand effect!

After Sikome, we went to Spruce Meadows to play hide and seek but that didn’t happen. We just went there to take more photos. lol

Later that night we went to my friend’s house to eat dinner. Then we get bored so I asked my girl friend if I can do a make-over on her. OH EM GEE!!! She was freaking gorgeous! How I wish I had my camera to take photos! Oh well, I will do that again for sure! I love doing those kinds! Thank you, April!

That’s it guys! Thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “96th: The red sheer pants

  1. dapperdolly says:

    Oh wow those make gorgeous beachwear/cover-ups! They look great on you. Sorry to hear about your son, bullying is horrible and I hope it stops and it’s good Dale rescued him quickly! That must have been a shock.

    • I hate bullies! I feel sad for those kids who didn’t even do anything, they were just victims. WHy is the world so unfair?! It was really a shock for us. I would’ve slapped the kids if I didn’t freeze! lol

  2. audrina1759 says:

    Not my style,but you seem to be rocking it really well.

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