95th: Black and white + hotness

It’s so lovely outside! Summer’s finally here and I’m just so excited to go to lakes, well, just lakes. Calgary has man-made lakes but in order for you to enjoy in a beach you basically have to travel first. For Calgarians out there, what’s the closest beach that we can go? I think beaches around British Columbia right? Oh well, we’ll see how it goes!

Today Sikome lake opens and my friends and I are going. I have to leave in less than 10 minutes but I have to blog first. I want to show you my outfit for the day. This is one of Dale’s favorite pictures of me (that’s what he said). I’ve realized that some guys, including my husband, feel that “conservative” clothes are sexier than those daring ones. Haha.

I know it’s long-sleeves but it’s kinda sheer though, perfect for the warm weather outside!

top: H&M ($12); skirt: Zara ($49); shoes: Aldo ($49); bag: Aldo

Here’s a close-up of my pleated skirt. I bought this 2 years ago and the last time I wore it was a year ago. Why? My lovely mom decided to wash all my clothes and she included this. Well, after all the process of washing and drying, the pleats just went crazy. So just imagine how much time it took me to actually iron all these pleats?! -sigh-

This is the typical black and white outfit but I added some color to it. I also added some little bit of animal print to add some style. I would normally tuck the chain of the bag but I just let it loose to add some texture to the whole outfit photo.

Close-up of my shoes and bag

Lastly, since the outfit looks kinda formal, I added the “just-woke-up” look for my hair.

Well, that’s it. I have to leave now. I will talk to you guys later!

Love y’all ❤

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5 thoughts on “95th: Black and white + hotness

  1. vivien piersanti says:

    I love this look!

  2. wicked ying says:

    Grabe haba ng legs mo teh! Inggit much!! :p

  3. thelookes says:

    just a perfect outffit. and one more time, the shoes are the centre!

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