93rd: Aisha

You guys may be wondering who Aisha is? Well, Aisha is the latest Bollywood movie that I watched and loved! I have tons of favorite Bollywood movies but Aisha is one of my most favorites! Nothing will beat Pyaar Impossible for me though, that still is my most favorite. So if you guys are bored or has nothing to do, watch Pyaar Impossible! It is one of the loveliest movies out there. Before I talk about Aisha, let’s take a look at my outfit of the day first! 🙂

I just wanted to try the grayscale effect. lol

top: American Apparel cropped top ($36); shorts: Forever 21 ($27); shoes: Aldo

As you may have noticed, I love high-wasited cutoff denim studded shorts! lol that was long. Well, I only have 3 pairs though so I do not have a lot. I love all of them, but this one adds statement because of its lovely red color! Since the shorts is an eye-catcher due to its color and design (and short shortness), I have chosen to wear my American Apparel nude cropped top with it! So what do you think? Love, like, or hate it?

Now let’s talk about my title -Aisha. I love Aisha because the movie has a lot of “fashion” in it! Aisha played by Sonam Kapoor, who is the lead star (duhh) wears all these gorgeous outfits as well as her best friend Pinky who is played by Ira Dubey. Here’s a peak…

Gorgeous girls!

Aisha is the one in the middle

I mean, to be honest, it’s not the greatest Indian movie since there are tons of great Indian movies out. She’s not the best actress, but oh man, she’s gorgeous as well as the other girls in the movies! So if you have nothing to do, then watch this on Netflix or any website out there! The other girl (not in the pictures) is soooo drop dead gorgeous, her name is Lisa Haydon!

She’s effing gorgeous!

Watching foreign movies not only makes me want to travel but it gives me more understanding towards other cultures! We often have these stereotypes regarding other cultures, and I have to be honest, before watching Bollywood movies I thought Indians only wear those cultural dresses they have… but hey, there’s always the other side of the stories as what they say!

We Filipinos do speak English (most people ask me if I know how to speak English), we also have fashion designers who are very talented, we have the prettiest people and we’re nice people as well! lol

I should stop now! Try to watch the movie, guys! It’s lovely!

Thank you guys for reading!

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3 thoughts on “93rd: Aisha

  1. Kaval says:

    sure Aisha had all this fashion stuff and tried to show the lavish lifestyle that rich Indians live..was nice entertaining but if you wanna see a better one,watch “fashion”..the finest Indian film showcasing the fashion industry in and out 🙂

    p.s. love your outfit ! 😀

    • I watched that already! HAHAHA! Priyanka Chopra was the lead star, right? Is that the same movie you’re talking about?

      More suggestions, pls! HAHAH

      • Kaval says:

        haha yeah I was talking about that ! lol then you gotta tell me what all movies have you watched or this will happen again with me 😛

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