92nd: Meet my son

I’ll be honest. I may not be posting some outfits for quite a while. As I told you before, I gain and lose weight fast… and I’ve gained a lot of weight these past few days. GAH! Oh well, I love eating! lol Since I’ll not be posting any outfit post, I’ll be posting my son’s outfit! Now, let’s do this…

ISN’T HE SO CUTE?!?! I know he’s so cute! lol

blazer: Zara kids ($39); pants: Zara kids ($30); belt: Zara; tie: H&M; long-sleeve shirt: Zara ($29)

shoes: Toms ($45)

Meet my 3-year-old son Jabi! Of course he got his cuteness from me! HAHAHA.

I’m sorry if this is such a short post, I have to start studying for my final tomorrow. Well, it’s open book but I still have to study of course! I was thinking of going to the nursing party tomorrow night, but I still don’t know what to wear since I’ve gained weight. GAH! Hahaha. I am diagnosing myself as being crazy. People say I’m slim, but I think I’m super fat! GAH! Please help me. -sigh- We’ll see. I’ll decide tomorrow.

Have a wonderful start of the week, guys! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “92nd: Meet my son

  1. Danica Mae says:

    very cute 🙂

  2. Wow you are one hot mumma! your son is gorgeous! Such a great poser too, a little heart breaker in the making haha. Read your “about”, very cute, you should be so proud of yourself, gorgeous & smart cookie!


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