91st: Sports from a women’s point of view (Pacquiao, Miami)

First of all, I wanna warn you all that this post is not an outfit post. This post is one of those “let me say what I’m feeling right now” kind of post. Oh one more thing, this is about sports but with “Maggie’s perspective” in it. 😉 My blog is my “go-to place” where I can say everything I want to say without spamming my friends’ newsfeed with all my different statuses! lol Sorry if I’m writing too much. As you may have noticed, I love writing. I just don’t like writing in English though. lol

Tonight, I guess was one of those most awaited nights not only for basketball fans but for all the Filipinos all over the world. Let’s talk about basketball first, so… Miami is now off for the finals! I was watching the first quarter when I got disappointed with their score in comparison with the Boston’s, but oh man, we were so happy when Miami won! Clippers is my team but between Boston and Miami, I choose Miami since I’m a wife of a Lebron fan! lol Congrats Miami, we’re excited to watch OKC vs Miami BABY!!!!!

Now for the main part of my post…

It’s been an hour since Pacquiao has lost the fight and my Facebook feedback is still full of how disappointed people are with the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. For my readers who don’t know who Pacquiao is, Manny Pacquiao is a boxer from the Philippines. Boxing fans know that he’s the best boxer out there (well, Maggie’s input right there) with 8 titles in boxing. Tonight, what I believe is he lost one of those titles because he didn’t win. We were all so confident that he won but at the end we were just looking at the television and was so shocked when it was announced that the other guy won.

I’m not a boxing expert but based on what I saw, Pacquiao won. Maybe I don’t count every single punches he had thrown at Bradley, how many landed, and what the percentage was but I was pretty confident that Pacquiao won. Well, I have to admit though that I was watching more of how Pacquiao threw those punches and I was looking  more at Bradley’s mistakes. Yes, I am biased, I am Filipino. However, I would admit if I think that there was that point where I thought that Bradley could have won the fight. The thing though is I wasn’t expecting that because it was too obvious for me that Pacquiao won the fight.

Why is this such a huge deal for me? For us Filipinos? Let me tell you why. Pacquiao has been a boxer for many many years already even when I was in the Philippines and was still a kid. I still remember how we would go to our neighbor’s house and watch it there since they had TV cable and we didn’t since we were very poor. lol I hated watching it because there was more time allotted for TV ads than the main event, how annoying was that?! Then at the very bottom was a slideshow of every sponsors – more TV ads again! Okay, we know that’s how the TV channel gets their money. As years pass by, as he became famous, as he gradually achieved all those belts, he brought pride to the Philippines. Two things that everyone knows about Philippines – we have the best singers (Charice Pempengco, Jessica Sanchez), and we have the best boxer, Manny Pacquiao.

Every time Manny has a fight, every Filipinos in the Philippines stops what they’re doing and just watch. Crime rates becomes really low, and the unity within the country is present. Everybody is just rooting for Pacquiao. This is why this game is really important for us Filipinos. It gives us pride because of what he accomplishes, but it gives us that sense of unity at the same time. But now that he lose, well, we still admire how he reacted to the situation. I am still very proud of you Pacquiao! I will always be a fan!

Couple of things I’ve learned tonight though…

1. Having a supportive network is really important to every person – after watching NBA, I just realized that when you don’t give up and with the help of those people around you, supporting you, you will face any challenges in your life. Miami was so behind during the first quarter, but with the unity within the group, with the support of the coaches, and the very energetic audience, they won the fight!

2. Life is like boxing, you may have tried your best and threw all your efforts out there, some may have became successful, but some may have missed. Life is not like basketball that when you’re tired, you can ask someone to substitute for you. It is like boxing where you still try your best to finish that fight, it is your own effort.

In life though, we need to combine boxing and basketball at the same time. We need to put our extra efforts in what we’re doing but we also need the strong support of those people around us. Because at the end, it’s not whether we win or we lose the fight, life is not about what titles we have gained… it is about how we have lived it – how we lived it with the people who are there supporting us the whole time.

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One thought on “91st: Sports from a women’s point of view (Pacquiao, Miami)

  1. Americans don’t have a fighter that unifies them that way, it’s very cool the way Manny brings his country together. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if Pacquiao lost, but the decision was a disgrace to boxing, even more so because the fight was so important.

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