90th: Lacey pink dress

Yay, it’s Friday! We’re done with our poster presentation and I’m having my last test on Monday! I can’t wait for school to be over and just enjoy the sun outside! Anyways, our Friday “routine” changed a little bit. Now, we eat out every Friday then watch a movie since most of the new movies are release on Fridays. So today we tried going to The Keg but found no luck since they were closed (really The Keg?!) so we went to Tony Romas. I think Tony Romas is the place we eat when we can’t find something or we don’t know where to go. lol

So here’s what I was wearing during our dinner.

Urban Outfitters dress (from $79 to $15); Das shoes (Php 3500)

It was actually chilly outside so I took these photos when we went to the library to grab something. We didn’t know that they close at 6pm every Friday though. bleh!

How the back looks like.

Close up of how the back really looks like. There’s a small cut out detail at the back. 🙂

Side view.

What I really like about this dress is the lace! I’m a lacey person! I love love lace! I also love the sweetheart cut of the tube top dress. I always love that corset style of dress. And of course, you know me, I love the cutout! lol

As you may have noticed and as what I’ve said before, I LOVE DRESSES. I think they’re just so easy to wear since you’re almost ready to go! Also you can dress them up or down. In addition, I would take advantage of this spring and summer season while I can wear dresses and shorts and tank tops. I know that in winter I will be hiding under my sweat pants and sweaters. sigh.

Oh well, that’s it! This post I think is a good example of how you can be simple yet stylish at the same time. As what I always say, choose something that will look good on you whether it’s just a simple dress. With the perfect fit, you can look fabulous and stunning!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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