89th: Something for the guys: How to find the perfect suit?

Can I express how much I dislike when I see guys who wear suits that are not perfectly fitted? Whatever you’re wearing you should make sure that it compliments the shape of your body and that goes the same with a suit. To be honest, I know a lot about women’s clothing but lacking on how to find the perfect suit for men. So what’s the point of this blog, right?! lol Well, good thing I have friends (Zara friends like Daph) who guided us when we were finding the perfect suit for Dale.

Of course the one that will give you the best fit would be the one customized for your own size and shape. One of my favorite suit designers would be Francis Libiran from the Philippines. DO NOT HESITATE to contact any designer, whether they are big or small, because they will reply to your inquiries! I have had the privilege to talk to one (I’m not saying who yet) and I was amazed how friendly he was! I’ve also added some huge designers on my Facebook quite recently just in case I would need gowns/dresses in the future (excited for Grad).

Anyways, there I went with my long intro again. I think I do long intros ‘coz I usually waits for the photos to get uploaded. lol Now you know. Now off to my post…

blazer: Zara ($160); pants: Zara ($70)

What I really like about the blazer we chose was the perfect fit! It perfectly hugs his body, and more importantly the shoulder pads are on the right spot! You would know that your blazer is too big or too small when you look at the shoulder pads of the suit. The arms are not too long which is really a good thing since for a formal event, you wouldn’t want to fold those sleeves right?

We also chose a dark blue long sleeve shirt under since it compliments not only the suit but his skin color. Dale’s fair for a Filipino so I like choosing darker colors to emphasize his “whiteness”. lol

The bad thing I don’t like in this outfit is… as you may have noticed, his tie! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO TIES so I gave him the opportunity to do it! Such a bad wife, I know! I think it was too big or too loose! I would’ve chose a skinnier tie or maybe just tighten that tie since it looks.. yeah, too loose.

Here’s the whole look. One more thing, I chose to go with a black suit since I know he will be doing interviews for the next month or so.

For his pants, I chose this straight pants for him but got it altered since it was too long.

I also love his pointy leather shoes that he chose. Good job, hubby! πŸ™‚

That’s my grad gift to him. I’ve always have given him those Diesel, Fossil or Guess watches but I realized that since he would be working in an office (hopefully soon), he would need a formal watch. Hence, the Michael Kors watch! πŸ˜‰ Come on! Michael Kors is Michael Kors! That’s 5 times a Fossil watch! Well, all worth it! You just graduate once anyways! Right?

Oh my! I have realized that this is the first time I have blogged about Dale! lol I think we were both just waiting for the right time! So yeah, meet Dale guys – my husband, best friend, worst enemy when we fight, my other half. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s it! Thank you guys for reading!

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