88th: Laid back

I can’t wait for Tuesday to come! I will be having my final test on Monday and then vacation after! YEAH! I am planning to go places with my family so more posts coming, maybe? It really depends! lol As you have noticed I am in the mood to blog for the past few days and I hope it continues. Let’s look at my outfit.

You see that top I’m wearing on my default picture here on my blog? (top right) Yes, I’m using that top again.

top: dress worn as top ($19); shorts: Forever 21 ($23); shoes: Gold Dot; bag: UO

shades: oversized glasses UO ($15)

shoes and bag

I love the pond. It’s our community’s pond. I would say “subdivision” but this is not Philippines and I’m not sure if that’s the right word.

Do you remember this pair of shorts? This is the one I used for my DIY studded/spiked shorts.

Oh wait. Look at my shoes, they’re so stylish! lol

Every time I wear shorts, I kinda get disappointed when I see that my legs are not long. gah! If there’s one thing that I would want to change in my body, I think that would be my legs. I want them to be very long! What about you? If there’s one body part that you would want to change, what would it be?

Thank you guys for reading! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “88th: Laid back

  1. Those shoes are amazing! I love how they tie in the whole look

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