87th: Tail shirt

Two weeks ago I went to H&M to shop for my husband. I ended up buying him too many clothes. He doesn’t like shopping so I have to buy him clothes when I go shop. Oh have I told you that I got into an accident that day? Gah! Yeah! Well, it was after my clinical and we went home early and since Dale’s graduation was coming, I decided to buy him clothes. It was traffic and I was on a stop when suddenly my whole car was shaking! I thought it was an earthquake! Then after few seconds it happened again! I looked behind my car and I saw this big Optimus Prime-like truck! It was scary and I was shaking the whole time! Gah! Okay let’s not talk about that!

Let’s talk about how that day went. The bad thing when you’re the one shopping for other people is that you don’t know if it perfectly fits the person. Well, one of the skinny pants I bought for him ended up to be too big so I had to return it. That’s my intro for this post. I went to Cross Iron to return the pants that I bought him! The main reason though why we chose Crossiron is that they have the biggest La Senza store not just in Calgary but I believe throughout Alberta. La Senza’s having their semi-annual sale so I brought my mom there so she can buy new sets of undies! lol That was a long intro. Now to my outfit….

My outfit reminds me of Power Rangers for some reasons! lol I think it’s the fitted high waisted pants that I’m wearing!

I’m wearing one of my favorite wedges that I have!

shirt: Urban Outfitter (from $59 to $19); pants: Zara (from $60 to $9); bag: H&M (fr $29 to $7)

Here’s the detail of my shirt. It’s a tail shirt – the back side’s longer than the front.

While this is the back view.

bag and shoes close up

shoes: Gold Dot.

So that’s it! I will stop talking since I wrote a pretty long intro. lol

I’ll talk to you guys later! šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “87th: Tail shirt

  1. benciaa says:

    I went to your blog by an accident but I love it for the first sing. You are absolutely fantastic. And your son is so cute<3 I am from Poland and my English is not good so sorry for mistakes.

  2. Tey says:

    Bakit ba walang H&M sa Pilipinas? :((

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