86th: Late celebration

I’m so proud of myself. I have blogged for 3 consecutive days! Ahem! It actually doesn’t take a lot of time to post photos and say something along with it, I was just too stressed with my personal problems lately that I skipped blogging for a while. Now that I’m almost done with school, I will try to blog everyday again! I just want to warn you, I blog what I wear for the day. I do not blog because I’m wearing something nice, I blog even though I know my outfit is too simple. I’m a simple normal person – I have good days and bad. There are days when I feel too lazy to dress up so I just wear whatever. Well, this post is another simple-outfit post.

My mom came home yesterday to celebrate my husband’s graduation with us. She missed the surprise party that we had for him so we just went for dinner at an Asia buffet. Here’s my outfit when we had our dinner. It’s a very simple dress but you know me… it needs to be sexy at the same time. 😉

dress: Sirens ($25); shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from $160 to $70)

Well, what do you expect with  $25 dress? I love the fitting and style but the fabric is not the highest quality out there.

Ooooh wait. Don’t you like my hair? I like the puffiness! lol

This is how the back looks like. What’s with me and backless! Have you noticed that?! I think it’s because I do not have big chests so I just show my back instead! HAHAHA

This is an awkward photo again. Look at that face! I just have to post it so you can see the front view of my dress.

Actually, here’s a close up. I made it black and white though so you can see the details.

Waahhh scary face!!! lol

Well, that’s it! Thank you very much for reading! ’til next time!


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