85th: It reminds me of Egypt

As you may have noticed from my posts, I am a minimalist when it comes to dressing up. I would accessorize if I’m permitted, but the thing is.. I can’t. It’s a long story so let’s skip that. That’s why it’s always a pleasure when someone asks me if I can dress them up. It’s always to think of how to bring fashion to the next level. lol

For my outfit of the day, I chose to wear this sexy maxi dress that I got from Urban Outfitters. As one of my friend said, most of my  clothes are from Urban Outfitters. lol This is one of my favorite purchase though! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRESS! You can dress it up or down!

dress: UO (from $70 to 20); shoes: Steve Madden; bag: Zara; collar: Miss Satorial

I just love the slits! The thing though is my husband dislikes how high it is (but of course I love how high it is! lol)

I also love the color and the fabric! I also added a wide belt to put some shape in it.

I have also added a pink blazer. I just like how it adds more color and also emphasizes the super sexy slits! lol

To add some color to the whole outfit, I added colored shoes!

I also want to show you my makeup for that day and also the collar that I used.

Oh one more thing! I love the sleeves/collar of the dress! It is so feminine!

So what do you guys think?

I love how it all turned out. It reminds me of Egypt for some weird reason, not that I’ve been to Egypt! hahaha

Well, that’s it! Thank you guys for reading! ❤

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5 thoughts on “85th: It reminds me of Egypt

  1. pretot says:

    and that someone who asks you to dress them up is ME!!! hahahaha

  2. Lovely and amazing picture. You really look’s good.

  3. Corrie says:

    Great dress! I love the color block look. I myself am not big on accessories either. I hardly ever wear them. I’m more a fan of pops of color and pattern.

  4. Tiny Micia says:

    Amazing ! You look gorgeous :).x

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