84th: Black and red

Hello there. So have you read my latest blog -the how to do red lips? If not yet,  then go read it first. This is a follow-up post of the previous blog. As what I’ve said from that post, I will do an outfit for that make-up look. Here it is! Just imagine it’s dark outside. It’s hard to take photos outside when it’s dark so I had to take the photos during day time.

dress: Urban Outfitters (from $100 to $20); shoes: Gold Dot (Php 3500) bag: Zara (From $99 to $19)

This is the side view. Okay. Have you noticed how cool my shoes are? I think since the wedge part is metallic/silvery thing, then it reflects (in this case) the grass making it appear like it’s heel less. Can you see that? Cool, eh?! lol

While this is how the back looks like. As you have noticed, I’ve been gaining muscles… for some it’s scary! I used to be like that! I used to dislike girls who have muscles! But now, that’s my goal! We ladies won’t get bulky, we’ll get lean! So I’m aiming for that!

Awkward position right here! Hahaha. That was a stolen shot.

Here’s a close up of my shoes and my bag! 🙂

I have lost the knobs for the locks of my shoes but I still love it! I love the design!

I bought this from the Philippines! It took me a while to wear them again because the first time I wore them I had blisters because of the plastic thing. It was too hard I thought. The next time I wore it though, it was comfortable!

Well, now you have an idea for a night look! Even just a simple dress will do since that red lipstick adds statement to the whole outfit!

That’s it! Thank you very much for reading!

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3 thoughts on “84th: Black and red

  1. Jin and Tiger says:

    I love your shoes!! it’s unique and stylish. btw you look great with the red lips!!

  2. Bing says:

    I love your shoes and dress maggie..well done!

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