77th: High waisted studded denim shorts!

Belated Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there! I especially want to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY MOM who also became my father figure when I was growing up! I am always vocal of how much I love her and I hope she believes that! lol I also want to say Happy Mother’s day to the special women in my life – my mother-in-law, to my aunt, and to my beloved Titas who are in the Philippines!

Of course, I want to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my beloved mom friends out there! People don’t know how hard it is to be a young mom especially if you have to go to school or work.

Anyways, here’s my outfit for the day!

Don’t I look skinny? Thanks to Belo Medical group! HAHAHA. just kidding. Sometimes how I wish Philippines is just miles away. -sigh-

This is all due to Zumba! I think I have told you before that I go to a women’s gym and it really helps a lot! It’s way better than you know.. those gyms where male and female are sharing.

top: Urban Outfitters ($49); bottom: DIY + Forever 21 studded denim cut off ($21); shoes: JC Lita dupe

Oh wait wait. Last night I was so delighted when one of the great bloggers out there added me on Facebook – Mariel THE WICKED YING. Click here to see her blog. She’s also one of my favorites! I know she’s friends with Stephanie Dy who is also one of those bloggers I look up to! I know I have mentioned Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe before. I love their stuff! I don’t know. I just feel special when famous bloggers out there add me on Facebook or when they follow my blog! You know that you’re doing something right for them to follow you! haha.

Okay. I have to go now. I have to do my scholarly paper for my nursing community course but before that I have to jog even though it’s already 9:02pm. I have to do it. I ate junk today. Supersize fries and McChicken! Gahhhh! That’s about 1000 calories out there! Gahh! Sigh.

Talk to you guys later! Thank you for reading! Mwah.


2 thoughts on “77th: High waisted studded denim shorts!

    sorry for the caption lolz:)

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