72nd: First maxi dress post

Some of you may be thinking what happened to me for the last few weeks, why I’ve decided to stop blogging for a while… well, you know, as what they say, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Hahaha. To keep it simple, I’ve been through sh*t! Ooops, no, I didn’t use the “s” word! lol

I feel better now though so that’s a good thing, right? Oh I also have a week off before my spring classes start! Yay! So you bet I’ll be watching a lot of Bollywood movies! lol

Calgary’s weather was so nice for the past few days! I wish I had taken photos, I almost forgot that I have a blog! 😀

So what to wear when it’s sunny?! Maxi dress! This one is a pencil cut, I mean it’s tight on the lower part. Not like the typical kind of maxi dress. What I love about this is “love”. Haha.  Who doesn’t love colorful maxi dresses?!?!

I did put a cropped top over my maxi skirt. Why? Well, I just wanted to. lol

maxi skirt: H&M ($15); cropped top: American Apparel ($12); shoes: Urban Outfitters ($9)

Oh yes, you know I love shopping sale items! I bought the maxi dress when H&M had their sale. It was originally $40 if I remember it right. I also went to the American Apparel Wholesale sale when they went here in Calgary. Then of course UO’s sale where I mostly get my stuff! 🙂

Since I have a week off, I will try to blog everyday from now on. Sounds familiar? That’s what I’ve said on my last post as well! Hahaha. I should stop talking, and just do it! Less talk, more work! lol

I hope you still remember me guys, and hey… I’VE MISSED YOU! 😉

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8 thoughts on “72nd: First maxi dress post

  1. Ica04 says:

    I miss your blogs, Ms. Maggie 🙂

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