71st: Thank God it’s Friday the 13th

Don’t you love my title?! haha. Thank God it’s Friday, but today is also the Friday the 13th! ooohhh. Well, nothing really spooky or bad happened today.. so that’s a good thing!

Oh waaaiiitt. I’m so sorry if I skipped blogging for a week!! I’m sooo bad! I wasn’t even active on Facebook or anything. I used to play Draw Something but I also skipped that for a week! I don’t know. There were ups and downs.. more on downs.. but I’m here again! I’ve missed you guys! 🙂 I was expecting of zero views for the past few days, but you guys are just amazing – I had average of 200 views per day even though I didn’t post anything! I LOVE YOU ALL.

Sooo, this outfit is a “late entry”. HAHA. Every time I say late entry I just remember my nursing charting where we’re supposed to chart our assessments right away, but we’re too busy that we do it very late…. Sorry. That was a side note.

We watched Titanic 3D last Wednesday, and it was good! I mean, I’ve watched Titanic for more than 20 times before so I pretty much remember every scene. The 3D was not that good actually, that’s what I thought. Still, it was a good movie. Who can resist Leonardo di Caprio’s beautiful face?!?! He was soooo hot! Gahh!!

Anyways, back to my outfit..

Don’t mind my large thighs. HAHAHA. 😀

All the clothes I’m wearing are from Urban Outfitters and you already know my JC Lita Snakeskin. 🙂

Sorry if I’m posting the same photos. I just love the background… the wall. haha.

I lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad right? I’m currently 98 lbs right now. We’ll see if I can be 95 lbs before summer. It’s kinda hard to lose weight when you’re kinda skinny already plus still I’m doing weight exercises as well, I know I’ll be gaining some muscles as well (hopefully).

As you can see.. I’m not wearing any make-up. These pictures are taken after the movie and yes, I still cried when Rose said “I will never let go”. -sigh-

Well, that’s it. Thank you guys for reading! I hope you’re having a good Friday eve or Saturday. ❤

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