70th: Blue blazer

Hi guys!! I’ve missed you all! Sorry if I haven’t been blogging lately. No, I wasn’t busy with school… I was just so addicted to Bollywood movies and I’ve spent my whole weekend watching them. You guys should watch it! My most favorite so far is Pyaar Impossible. It’s a typical Beauty and the Geek kind of story but waaaay better than other movies with that kind of plot. Bollywood movies take at least 2.5 hours though which I really love!

So today, I went to the mall (actually just H&M) to do my favorite hobby… SHOPPING!

top: H&M; shorts: UO ($45); blazer: H&M ($25); shoes: DAS

Oh another reason why I am so busy right now… I TRY TO BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE! haha. I told you about my weight issue, and I know that it will also take months for me to shred all the weight I’ve gained for the past months. GAHH! How I wish losing weight is freaking easy! -sigh-

Oh yeah about my outfit, since it was sunny I decided to wear shorts! But since I’m still having some problems with my fat arms (gah!), I decided to wear a blazer!

The sun was shining so bright – yeahh… that’s me trying to be “chinita”!

Anyways guys, I will try to blog everyday from now on! I know you’ve missed me! Right?! hehe I MISSED ALL OF YOU MY FRIENDS!

Thank you for reading! ❤

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7 thoughts on “70th: Blue blazer

  1. Danica Mae says:

    yay! love the shoes and blue blazer 🙂

  2. Danica Mae V. Iversen says:

    How about maxi dresses..? It’s that ok ? 🙂 I think it would be nice

    • You know what’s funny?!?! I have TONS of maxi dresses, but I was waiting for summer! HAHAHA. I guess I have to post at least one! right? hahah. I’ll do that! Ano pa? 🙂

      • Danica Mae V. Iversen says:

        yes! post at least one 🙂 *can’t wait…….yay! haha
        *demanding me much
        shorts and pants 🙂
        Nakita lang kita nakapants sa blogs mo once pero it could be really nice if dresses naman 😀

      • hahaha. anong pants?? like jeans? dresses? anong dresses? hahaha.

      • Danica Mae V. Iversen says:

        oo like jeans. haha 🙂 maxi, floral, Korean dresses etc. basta dresses at kahit ano pang maisip mong isuot at I-blog ok pa rin saken 😀 hahahaha

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