68th: New Jeffrey Campbell Lita + Air Jordan basketball 2012

Since I was pretty depressed the whole afternoon due to some old friendship problems, the man and I decided to watch Wrath of the Titans after school. The man and I had a fight (which we always do lol) yesterday, and I admit it was kind of my fault as well, so I bought him a gift today. I’ll post the pictures below but for now, here’s my outfit when we went to see the movie.

It was pretty cloudy that’s why the photos are a little bit dark.

top: tank UO ($19); shorts: UO ($29); shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita ($160)

So I decided to use my JC Lita in snakeskin today since I totally forgot I haven’t worn this in any of my photos! lol If you have read my blog about my shoe collection, you may remember that this is one of my favorite pairs out there!

We would take more photos if only we were not late for the movie! haha. Sorry about that guys. lol


So what did I buy for my man? My husband is a shoe collector – but really more on basketball shoes. He has Lebron, Kobe, KD, etc., so I guess you already have an idea what I bought him today. When I came home, I told him that I had a surprise and he wouldn’t believe me since we just had a big fight yesterday. So yes, there’s no occasion… I just bought him this since having a bad day today at school, I just realized that I’m so lucky to have him. We do fight a lot (everyday actually) but just knowing that I have a “best friend” who is always there for me, I feel blessed. He’s the “best friend”, no backstabbing, no trash talking..

I got him the latest Air Jordan in the market!

I know for us girls… this is really a “why would they want that”, but you know what since I don’t want him to also question the shoes I like, I just let him choose whatever he wants. Actually though, this shoes is cool since it comes with the Hi or lo booties that you can slip on, then those insole which you can also choose from three colors  (yellow green – CP3, blue – Dwyane Wade, and orange – Carmelo Anthony).

Oh yeah. This basketball shoes is $290. I KNOW, I KNOW!! I’m a “galanteng” wife who spoils him with what he wants. He’s so lucky to have me, right?! lol But seriously, I could have bought that money for GD paige boots from Solestruck… but since I know he really wants it and I haven’t given him anything since his last birthday (which I gave him an iPad), I decided to buy him this. I’ll buy my GD Paige boots when our tax return comes! 😀 I’m spoiling him now since he’s graduating this May and I know that he will earn lots when he finds a job! lol

So to my guy readers who want this pair, go grab yours! lol I bought this from Foot Locker at Chinook Centre.

Well,t hat’s it my dear readers! Thank you very much for reading and I LOVE YOU ALL! ❤

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3 thoughts on “68th: New Jeffrey Campbell Lita + Air Jordan basketball 2012

  1. Danica Mae says:

    Awww. So sweet wiffy 🙂

  2. Nice blog – love it

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