66th: Tony Romas + Magnum experience

My church friends I can say are the people I treat like my brothers and sisters! We’ve been friends for 5-7 years and they’re the reason why I always look forward to weekends! Every Saturday I go out with them after our Youth program in the afternoon. That’s part of our Saturday life… church then we go hang out after, we eat outside or go to our friend’s house, then watch movie when the sun sets.

Today we went to Tony Romas to celebrate the birthday of my very dear friend, Eredee ( I love you, bro. Happy b-day!)! So when we opened the door, we were shocked when there were at least 20 people waiting in the waiting area. So what to do when you have to wait for at least 2o minutes? TAKE PICTURES! lol So here’s my outfit for the day. Just a very simple outfit.

top: H&M($12); bottom: H&M ($29); shoes: DAS

My friends pigging out! They had bountiful beef ribs ($20), beef short ribs ($21) and swiss mushroom burger ($12).

We kinda had the same orders as well. Except those two had the crispy onion burgers instead!

After we ate, we went to the Canadian Superstore to buy ice cream! Since there was this ice cream that everyone’s been talking about in the Philippines, we decided to give them a try!

So we bought the Magnum White, the Classic, the Double double, and the Almonds.

Most of us liked the Almonds!

THen we all went to our house and had some wine… sparkling wine. lol

That’s it!

Thank you guys for reading!

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One thought on “66th: Tony Romas + Magnum experience

  1. Inge says:

    I always love your looks, very chic! I really like your heels in this one 🙂

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