65th: Rejected

I try to take photos everyday and to blog everyday but there are days, unfortunately, that I just need to take a day off. Yesterday was an example. I was so sick last night that I was freezing cold! I apologize to those readers who reads my blog everyday! Oh yeah, to those who read my blogs everyday, YOU’RE AWESOME guys!! Thank you readers for always reading my blog, checking my site if what’s the latest… I love you!!

For my post for today ( I will do an outfit post tonight, hopefully), I just decided to show you some of the pictures that I really didn’t want to post because they’re not blog-worthy, but.. I just thought of posting it anyways since my man kept asking me what I did on the photos he took! lol These are my “rejected” photos. lol Well, what makes them “rejected”? When I started blogging, I wanted to show you guys outfits that are out of ordinary… outfits that will make you think “let me try that”. You know what I mean? But then I realized that, I’m a normal person (duh) lol. I wear stuff that most of you wear! These outfits here are very simple, some of you may think that this is not worth reading but hey, show some love here! 😀

Something formal:

dress: Forever 21 ($33); blazer: Zara ($129); shoes: DAS

I did not want to post this set because I just didn’t like the dress that much. The dress is from Forever 21 and as what I’ve said before, Forever21 has weird sizing. Their small is too loose! So the first two pictures make me look I have a fat tummy. NO I don’t!! lol What I liked about the outfit though is the “brown color”. I basically just played with one color, but have different textures. I also love how the bib added a chicness to it. 🙂

Very simple outfit… when you first look at the photo anyways. You have to zoom in so you can see what I really want to achieve in these photos. The cream top is sequinned while the pencil skirt is texturized. I also love how my GD charm wedges actually added a simple nice touch on the outfit. Another very simple outfit, but makes you look girly (which is a good thing, for some) lol.

top: Zara ($69); bottom: Zara ($39); shoes: DAS

Oh hey, don’t you love the Canadian woods? lol Canada has the most amazing nature especially during summer!

The first sets of photos were taken about 3 weeks ago as you can see my hair had its black roots still! lol The following photos though are pretty recent. 🙂

This is a very simple dress. As I’ve said on my other post before, I do have a lot of dresses. A very simple dress.. but has a surprise at the back! Presenting, MY BACK!

dress: UO ($29); shoes: Aldo

I know these photos are not really blog-worthy that’s why I compiled them in 1 post! lol

Thank you guys for reading!

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7 thoughts on “65th: Rejected

  1. Jess says:

    you’re gorgeous 🙂
    good effort blogging everyday1 hope you’re feeling better x

  2. Danica Mae says:

    You are still amazing.
    Even you feel this blog is not worthy.
    For me it didn’t change anything and still I love to read this 🙂

  3. Tey says:

    I love your black/blue dress. Very simple but elegant. And I think comfy as well. 🙂 Hmmm.. Di ba gold dot yun brown clogs from 2nd outfit? Lagot.. hahahaha!!

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