63rd: Gold Dot x SOLESTRUCK

I really want to blog about my outfit today but… gah! I really don’t want to tell you the reason why, but since I figure out that we guys are pretty close anyways, I’ll tell you why! lol I don’t want to get too personal, but yeah… I think  relationships have their ups and downs anyways. I was ready this afternoon for my usual daily photo shoot, but the boy and I had some arguments! hahaha Gah, I wish I can take my own photos! And YOU, if you’re reading this, whatever… (LOL)



I have friends and readers who asked me a lot of questions about Gold Dot! Gold Dot is one of my favorite shoes out there, not just because they’re from the Philippines, but also their designs are really unique! Their designs are original and I’m really proud of them!

The problem for us Filipinos or other shoe lovers who live outside Philippines is that even though Gold Dot is affordable, the shipping is pretty expensive! Well, good news for us shoe lovers, presenting…

YES!! FILIPINO PRIDE! If you’re a shoe lover, you obviously know Solestruck! Solestruck is one if not the most successful online shoe stores out there and Gold Dot being a part of their collection of shoes is REALLY BIG! They’re the first pinoy who made it through and now… GOLD DOT GOES INTERNATIONAL, baby!

For those who don’t know, Solestruck offers free shipping to US and Canada, and free shipping to other countries for orders of $150+! So now, we don’t have to pay that expensive shipping if we order it straight from Gold Dot (if you live outside the Philippines), but of course we still don’t know their prices! No, Solestruck just received it this week I believe so they’re still in the process of posting the photos and prices.

The heel less photo above is the GOLD DOT x SOLESTRUCK COUTURE! I believe that was made just for Solestruck but they also have some shoes from GD’s collection such as the DREI wedges- both in black and white.

Photos are from Solestruck’s Instagram

So to my readers and friends who are asking me about Gold Dot and their shipping and other stuff… AREN’T YOU EXCITED?!?! I AM!! I can’t waiiit!

I will update you again when the shoes are up! 😀

Thank you guys for reading! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “63rd: Gold Dot x SOLESTRUCK

  1. so excited for this. thanks so much maggie!! love ya. hope u fix yer thing with the boy haha

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  3. janae says:

    where can i purchase those turquoise heel less shoes from? please and thank you!

  4. Lydia Teo says:

    Hey, great shoes! Are the Gold Dot Drei Wedges hard to wear?

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