62nd: New PINK heelless (Vi shoeline)

If you ask me what my favorite foods are, that would be pastas, pizza, bread – yes, ITALIAN FOODS! YUM YUM! I remember when I first came to Canada, I hated mashed potatoes, steaks, pastas.. basically Canadian food. HAHA. I mean, oh c’mon, we Filipinos love spices and a lot of MSG! lol I love Adobo, Bistek, Sinigang, BBQ, etc. I remember when I went home to the Philippines after two years, after 2 weeks of staying there, my taste buds really missed Canadian foods! Wait, why am I talking about foods here?!

Oh yeah, it’s because I ate at an Italian restaurant today. We ate at Pasquales! This place is such a memorable place for me since it reminds me of old “friends”. 😦 lol ANYWAYS, so the boy have not tried Pasquales’ pastas so I told him to try. He loved it!

So this is my outfit for the day…



Since I wanted to wear my NEW SHOES which is color HOT PINK, so I decided to just mix and match colors! lol

top: UO ($29); bottom: from the Ramp Crossings Philippines (Php1200)

blazer: H&M ($39)


I LOVE MY NEW SHOES! Vi shoes added me as a friend on FB about a month ago, and as a shoe lover I know that I just have to be friends with them! lol So when my aunt went home to the Philippines, I ordered their newest pair – the TD or third design! This shoes actually reminds me of Jeffrey Campbell TONITE! When I first saw this I just know that this is a dupe, but heyyy, these are way taller, plus they’re double padded so they’re verrryyy comfortable!!! 🙂 The sizing is a little bit awkward though. I’m a size 6, and it ran a little bit bigger. On the other hand -they’re not slippery! I mean, not like other shoes from the Philippines in which I’m kinda scared that I’ll slip, this one makes me feel really stable when I walk. I even ran when I was looking for my kid who just ran away when he saw that I was going to Zara. -gah kid! lol-

My husband and I was laughing because THERE WAS NOBODY WHO DIDN’T LOOK AT MY SHOES while I was walking at Chinook Mall today. You know that awkward stare people give at you when you just wear something “FABULOUS”?!?! lol I LOVEE MY SHOES!!

Oh yeah, the shoes is only Php 3999! In a $1 Cad = Php 42 conversion, that’s only $95 Canadian! :)The shipping to Canada, as they said, would cost about $27 US. NOT BAD, right?!?! That is so worth it!! I encourage you add them on FB, they’re just starting… but I know they will go FAR, baby! I just know that! You know me, I would pay extra for shipping since I just want to SUPPORT FILIPINO DESIGNERS/PRODUCTS! I am proud of how talented Filipinos are! 😉

Well, that’s it! Thank you guys for reading! ❤

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3 thoughts on “62nd: New PINK heelless (Vi shoeline)

  1. carla love says:

    Love the shoes and you don’t look like a mommy. You look like a teen 🙂 by the way the Canadian dollar conversion to pesos is 43 not 42 🙂

    • Conversion fluctuates a lot. 🙂 the time I paid for my shoes it was only 41.96. 🙂

      • carla love says:

        Right now its 43 or 44 let’s hope the CAD rate will go up and stay strong so our dollars can go a long way 🙂 by the way is the shoes really comfy? Tell me the experience 🙂

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