60th: What’s new: New DAS shoes

Hello guys! I haven’t blogged in a while since I was too busy with school and my first blog giveaway! First of all, I want to say THANK YOU TO ALL WHO JOINED!! I love you guys!! You guys are the best talaga! I actually feel bad when people messaged/commented that they’re sad that they didn’t win! 😦 Don’t worry, I will be doing my 2nd giveaway pretty soon! What shoes do you want?!?! Speaking of shoes, let me show you some of the shoes I got from the Philippines!

I will be showing you the shoes I got from Das when my aunt went to the Philippines. I love Das as you know! They have the comfiest shoes for sure! So when my aunt said that she’ll be going to the Philippines, I ordered three shoes right away! Then after a week, they released their 3rd collection… my aunt  got 5 shoes already from different sellers, so I really didn’t want to buy na sana. But Sureen (one of the owners) have good marketing skills, we had a good talk and I decided at the end to buy two more! HAHAHA. Imagine the complaints my aunt sent me through Facebook saying that she didn’t have any space for her stuff! The shoes are quite heavy, so I actually felt bad.

Here are my new shoes!! I will also be showing you the REGULAR price of the shoes. 🙂

New DAS Collection

DAS 19 in Turquoise.

Price: Php 4,500

This is a limited edition, Neeresh (also one of the owners) has a pair and when I saw her wearing this in one of her photos, I WAS SO JEALOUS! C’mon, I loveee the color and the style of course! You know how much I love my Litas! PLUS, when I tried them on, they fit so PERFECTLY!

This is how much it weighs!

DAS 12 in black

Price: Php 4000

I have told you before how much I love my DAS 12 in cream! With my new shoes, I still think that Das 12 is still the comfiest shoes out there! I always get stares when I go to the mall!

Yes, this is heavier.

DAS 31

Price: Php 3500

Can I tell you how much lovely these shoes are?!?! It looks so simple, but when you actually wear it… they are drop dead gorgeous! I also love the tan color! This is a part of their 3rd collection.

How much it weighs.

DAS 18 in Cheetah 

Price: Php 6000 – 6500

(Sorry I can’t remember the price)

This is THE SHOES every girl would dream! Cheetah + heelless?!?!?! THIS IS LOOOOVEEEE! That’s all I can say! MY FAVORITE HEEL LESS SO FAR!!


My last pair of shoes….

DAS 32

Price: Contact DAS


BANG BANG! HAHAHA The studs made this shoes one of my favorite shoes out there!!! Gahh! I LOVE THESE!!  I was so speechless when I saw this!! I still am…. GAHH!


Shipping within the Philippines is about Php 250 but all depends on how much it weighs. Plus if you are paying through Paypal, there is a Paypal charge. 🙂

Please do not ask me what my favorite pair is… THEY ALL ARE!!!

I would suggest getting a pair so you know what I’m talking about! I love it when I see my friends buying/wearing DAS! If you decided to buy one or if you have any questions, message me! I’ll be very happy to assist you! LOVE SHOE SHOPPING!

That’s it!

Thank you all for reading! ❤

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12 thoughts on “60th: What’s new: New DAS shoes

  1. ohh my.. that shoes is quite heavy.. waaahh

  2. Baby Caroline Placio says:

    I am about to order DAS to Ms. Sureen.. Is she for real? I am just scared of scams…

  3. Tey says:

    Splurge kung splurge? Haha!! They cost you more or less 25k. Oh no! You got Lita and Foxy. I’ll buy one or two talaga after the wedding. Hahaha!

  4. fae says:

    Hi maggie, just wondering how high is the platform and the heel height of the cheetah..

    nice shoes you have there ♥

  5. lexa says:

    Hi! How does it feel wearing the heel-less shoes? Is it comfy? I’m still not sure if I’m going to buy one or not because I don’t know if it’ll be uncomfortable to wear. 😦

  6. Tishauna says:

    Hello. . . I Really Loveeeee All of Das Shoes & I Want A Pair, But I Live In New York City. . . Can You Assist Me Purchase A Pair

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