59th: Gold Dot Elise Flats in Leopard

I would like to apologize in advance if I will not make any sense… I’m having really a bad day. I am anemic, and not just the “normal to a lot of people” kind of anemia, but the worst one. You can say chronic! When I bleed, I seriously bleed to death! My high school friends from the Philippines know that.. and maybe some of my Adventist School friends as well. I do faint (frequently) when my bp is too low and the worst cases, I need blood transfusion. Gahh. Nevermind, I’m not in the mood to really explain. haha.

I just want to sleep again right now but I remember I have to write a reflective writing for my nursing clinical. I’m still thinking what to write so I’m blogging first. These photos were taken last night, 5 minutes after my aunt came home! lol



This flats are the ones I’ll be giving away to my 2 lucky readers!

I don’t know if they normally use LBC, but what I know is their shipping is FREE (within the Philippines)!!! For other shoes that I ordered from other brands, I paid around 250-300 Pesos per pair, ohhh plus the Paypal fee! Gold Dot is just too nice, they didn’t charge me any fee! Yayy! It took only a day for my flats to arrive! It was a very late order and they still managed to send it right away! YAY!

The flats bag! Another thing I love about GD is they actually do have boxes for their shoes which for me is a good thing! I hate when my shoes get wrinkly or get mis-shapenned!

This, I love! PROUDLY made in the Philippines, my loves! I love how proud they are.

Nicely wrapped! Lucky wrappers – got to visit Canada! lol


Now, let’s go up close and personal!

The inside sole is well cushioned that I feel like I’m not wearing any “flats’… it really feels like I’m just wearing my slippers or my pambahay! Plus, the HOT PINK color is just HOT! lol

I am so impressed on how the faux pony hair feels so REAL! haha. Seriously, good job Gold Dot!

The following explanations will be in tagalog since I am too tired to explain it in English. Sorry, my brain is not really working right now. LOL

“Okay. Hahaha. Tanong, pano ginawang leopard print to? I guess parang prinint diba? What I’m guessing is, parang faux pony hair muna then they just did the leopard print after. Tama ba? Kung ano man yung paraan nila, I am very impressed! I ordered ibang cheetah or leopard na print from other sellers pero parang nagfe-fade ung print!! Parang ung ibang part kitang kita ung print, ung ibang part ng shoes hindi. These ones DO NOT! So parang even ung pony hair and ung print! Hindi ung ibang spots ay malinaw, ung iba hindi. Lahat sila.. malinaw! Very impressive”

The fun part of course is you can change the bow to this acrylic ones! I actually like this one better (but I love them both).

Which do you prefer? 🙂

Here’s what I’m talking about.I am really impressed!!!

When you buy one remember though that the sizing is smaller than your actual size! I am actually a size 6 but I ordered size 7. They feel kinda loose but it’s not too obvious! What I actually think is just get your actual size. Hmmm.. Actually I don’t know. I guess it really depends! lol You can ask GD, they are one of the nicest people! Our conversations are like those sweet-cheesy-movie-like conversations! HAHA. I love talking to them, especially to Janelle! Such a sweetheart! She’s so sweet!

Comfortability, they’re the comfiest flats I have!! It is well cushioned, very soft material, and just so lovely overall!

I know some of you may be thinking how much this flats are. Good news! They’re very affordable! They’re only Php 895! Plus, GD offers free shipping! So how’s that for a treat?!

If you want a pair, join my first giveaway (click HERE). I will be announcing the two winners in 1 day and a half! I know some of you are already excited! YAY! For those who will not be picked, I encourage you guys to buy one coz for sure you will not get disappointed! They are worth every penny! You can buy them here.

Thank you all for reading! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “59th: Gold Dot Elise Flats in Leopard

  1. ajpornel says:

    get well miss mags..
    this pair is so nice talaga…the yellow detachable details got my attention….its very unique!;)) and also the packaging..presentable=)

  2. Acy says:

    Pagaling ka Mags. Will pray for you! ❤ :*

    • Acy, I miss you!! Wait, isasali ba kita sa giveaway ko or talagang finollow mo lang ung blog ko?! hahaha. IMY!!!

      • Acy says:

        Hahaha! Binabasa ko yung blog since first post mo pa lang. 😉 kahapon ko lang nalaman na may “follow” button pala, dun ko lang narealize na yun pala yung tinutukoy mo dun sa instructions kung pano sumali (bobo haha). Naka-block pa fb dito sa office kaya di ko pa magawa yung iba, pero i-PM kita pag natapos ko na! Competitive ang lola mo. :))) PAGALING HA!!

      • HAHAHA. Thank you!! I love youuuuu! Miss na kita! Ingat ka lagi! ❤

  3. maysea says:

    I have the same problem, I am always on the verge of being anemic. Which is a;so why my lips are always pale 😦 to my dismay, since I’ve always wanted pink or red luscious lips. But your case is dangerous, I never fainted because I was anemic. You might want to look into that more, dear.

    And for the shoes, I hope you can give more than two! Haha, more chances for me to win. Lol.

  4. get well soon, Miss Maggie…

  5. Tey says:

    Thanks again, Maggie! 🙂

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