57th: I’ll wait for you under the bridge

Hello there my dear followers/readers/lovers! Okay, actually this is not really “under” the bridge. lol I know I haven’t blogged really this week. I was too busy with school, and still am actually since I have a midterm on Monday. After Friday, I will be kinda freeee from school – not until my finals on April.

My aunt’s coming home from the Philippines on Monday as well. She’ll be bringing my shoesies from the Philippines! She actually messaged me this morning complaining of how she doesn’t have space for her stuff already since people sent shoes for me through her. I will blog about it when I receive it! 🙂

Speaking of shoes, don’t forget to join my contest or share it with friends! To be honest, my heart melts when my readers message me that they really want the shoes, and it’s their birthday, graduation, etc. GAHH!! Guys, I have this soft spot for this stories! You know when I was young, my mom really did not have all the money to buy me shoes or clothes. (Naiiyak talaga ako while typing this) So I know the feeling when you really want something. Pray that I will ace my midterm, maybe I’ll give more than 2 ? who knows, right? 😉

For my outfit..

There are days where you just want to look weird. HAHA.I don’t know why I’m calling these photos weird… but yeah. LOL. I hope you get me. When you take photos, sometimes you just don’t know if you like the photos or not. That’s what I’m feeling for this set.

I think… it’s the chunky knit I’m wearing. You know most of my photos I do not really wear something over my top. This is actually my mom’s.

top: from the Philippines; shorts: Forever 21 ($18); boots: Zara ($80) bag: UO ($70)

Yes. I wanted something really just casual, but will give the touch of being “kinda chick”, hence the color-blocking and the sequinned shorts! So if you’re too lazy to dress up, get something sequinned! lol

I should get back to studying. Thank you for reading guys! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “57th: I’ll wait for you under the bridge

  1. Rochelle Juachon says:

    The scene is just so relaxing. And you stood out. =)

  2. Thank you, Rochelle!!! You’re so sweet!! 🙂

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